Brush pickup

Piles of brush litter Copperas Cove city lawns Friday evening. No brush pickups are scheduled until the next business day on Monday.

COPPERAS COVE — The area’s icy weather this weekend may result in broken limbs in some residential front yards. However, Cove residents should not put them out by the curb too early.

Director of Financial Services Velia Key told Copperas Cove City Council members Tuesday the current system of expecting residents to call in when they need brush picked up is not working. She said piles of brush throughout the city are unsightly and dangerous to city employees because they become infested with rodents and snakes.

“(The council) may want to consider charging a fee,” Key said. “Temple charges $65.”

Other area cities have brush policies in place. In Killeen, brush can be put out no earlier than 8 p.m. the night before scheduled pickup and no later than 7 a.m., according to the Solid Waste Department. If the city is notified of brush being put by the curb earlier than allowed, a premium service fee starting at $20 may be assessed.

In Harker Heights, brush is picked up twice a week along with regular trash collection. There is no set time on when it can be placed by the curb.

Noel Watson of the Copperas Cove Solid Waste Department suggested twice-a-month pickup.

“I think we should do it with the kraft bags on a regular route rather than zig-zag across the city wasting fuel,” Watson said. “It would be more efficient, take less time and save fuel.”

Edward Payne owns several rental properties and was opposed to any kind of action on putting out the brush.

“When you have a lot of properties, it may not be convenient to put the brush out the night before and it has to go out several days before,” said Payne, adding he would like to see a group of city employees who have the experience and a group of residents reach a solution.

“I realize the city is trying to save money, but I see a lot of tail-chasing with this,” Payne said.

City Manager Andrea Gardner said the city should not conduct its business around personal situations and recommended residents put brush out the night before pickup along with the blue trash cans.

On Tuesday, city officials agreed residents can place their brush next to the curb no more than seven days before pickup, which will be every other week.

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