LAMPASAS — A touring exhibit featuring the artwork of disabled Texas veterans is on display this month.

Sponsored in part by the Lampasas Association for the Arts, the exhibit opens at the Lampasas County Higher Education Center Tuesday and will display 33 pieces created by veterans of wars from Korea through Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We work specifically with artists with disabilities, and this is specifically for veterans with disabilities,” said April Sullivan, artworks director for VSA Texas, the State Organization on Arts and Disability.

Among the pieces on display will be paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry and poetry, Sullivan said.

“Some of their artwork addresses imagery from the service, while other pieces are beautiful sculptures, jewelry or drawings that reflect how they spend their time as civilians,” according to a news release.

One addition to the exhibit is a large-scale installation piece called “Letters of Sacrifice” from an artist who made contact with the VSA at another event. The sculpture honors soldiers who have died in the global war on terror.

“It’s got a base and pieces of chicken wire,” Sullivan said. “She has 6,341 letters the military would write to the family of a fallen soldier rolled up and put in the chicken wire.”

The 6,341 letters represent the number of deaths as of May 16, but the artist adds more as the number rises.

A public reception for the exhibit from 2 to 6 p.m. Sept. 15 includes refreshments and an opportunity to meet some of the artists.

“We’re excited to have this coming to Lampasas, especially with Fort Hood being so close,” said Brenda Melder, a volunteer with Lampasas Association for the Arts. “We want as many people as possible to view this exhibit before it leaves us and travels to other places.”

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