Raymond Dale Litchfield was just a few days shy of his 50th birthday when his tragic death rocked the small community where he lived.

Litchfield was found dead in a home on Lawson Lane near Copperas Cove on Jan. 29, 1999. Investigators said the 49-year-old was shot repeatedly.

Fifteen years later, his murder remains unsolved and would likely be out of the public eye, if not for the persistence of Litchfield’s sister, Faye Powell.

Powell contacted the Herald and multiple other media outlets as the 15th anniversary of her brother’s death grew near.

Powell said she’s made such calls nearly every year since her brother was killed.

While the case is clearly an extremely painful memory for her, she was willing to open those old wounds again in her search to get answers.

“You never really get over it,” Powell told me. “We don’t want people to forget what happened.”

It appears Powell’s persistence has paid off. She successfully lobbied 52nd Judicial District Attorney Dusty Boyd to take another look at the case. While all unsolved cases remain “opened,” Boyd said his office was asked to re-evaluate the case.

We live in a world where information is received and consumed at near-neck breaking speeds. News and events pop in and out of our lives so quickly, we hardly have time to process them.

Powell’s story is a reminder that the stories we read about each day in newspapers or online have a long life after the immediate drama of the event fades from our memories.

Those stories are still important and worth telling long after the initial incident. If we are willing to take the time to stop and listen to folks, like Powell, we get to hear those stories again. And, sometimes, we’re hearing them for the first time.

It’s unclear if the ending of the stories will ever change.

But if the right person reads the story, it’s possible for a murder to be solved and closure to come to a family.

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