By Jade Ortego

Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON – The photos showed a 53-year-old woman lying in the fetal position on the ground. She was wrapped in a blanket, her platinum hair deep brown with blood.

The photos, taken by a police officer, were shown in the trial of a Killeen man accused of brutally beating and raping a woman in Killeen in April 2008. Testimony continues at 9 a.m. today.

The defendant, Jamaal Larome Green, 26, of Killeen, watched as the victim took the witness stand Monday in Judge Fancy Jezek's 426th District Court and described a night that began as a prostitution transaction.

The victim testified that Green picked her up shortly after midnight and agreed to sex for money. He drove to First National Bank and got $20. He eventually drove to the parking lot of Zip Cleaners on Gilmer Street to have sex.

When this proved impossible because of his impotence, the victim said she gave Green $8 and left his vehicle. The victim said Green stopped her and asked where he could see her again. She then felt something tight around her throat, which she said must have been elastic, because then he used it to repeatedly slam her face into the asphalt.

The victim testified that she gave Green his $20 back, but he continued to smash her face into the ground. He then dragged her across the parking lot, periodically stopping to beat her and attempt sex, she said.

He left her lying on the ground, she said.

The victim said she didn't call for help, even when people walked nearby, because Green told her, "Don't say anything and don't move or you won't walk away from here."

The victim said she walked to a friend's home, located about two blocks from the parking lot, after the assault, which ended around 5 a.m.

The victim's friend, Delores Ways, testified that she didn't recognize her.

"Her face was swollen. It was all like bloody and bruised," Ways said. "She came without shoes. Her pants were torn in half with holes."

She said the victim was missing a large portion of skin from her forearm.

Though the victim said at first she wanted to go home without seeking medical attention for fear that her family might find out, Ways had someone flag down an officer. Prosecuting attorney Shelly Strimple showed photos, taken by Killeen police Officer Todd Mallow, of pools of blood and blood trails in the Zip Cleaners parking lot. The victim told the court she still had scars from the attack.

"Where are the scars?" Strimple asked.

"In my heart," the victim said.

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