Twenty-seven-year Army veteran Anthony Farr gave a rousing speech of encouragement and anti-violence to more than 100 people gathered at the scene of his daughter’s murder Sunday evening.

“We’ve got to love one another and help one another ... and we need to listen,” he said. “If you see something going on, you need to report it. Because this is real. I never thought this would happen to my daughter. I hope it’s a big learning lesson to all of you.”

Now, Kirsten Nicole Farr’s 3-year-old son will grow up without his mother. She was fatally stabbed Sunday morning outside the Killeen IHOP. Her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Jeremy Jones, is a suspect in her death.

“My daughter’s been through hell for three years with this guy. We did all we could. The Killeen police did all they could,” Anthony Farr said, as he struggled to maintain his composure.

Holding candles, attendees hugged and wiped away tears as they encircled the victim’s mother, sister, father and son. The crowd stood in hushed silence as they listened to Anthony Farr speak of the vibrant life ended so suddenly and violently. He stressed the importance of faith at this difficult time.

“If you don’t have him, you need Jesus. I have him but I still need Jesus. We’re gonna pray for him, because that’s what God would want us to do. He will get what’s coming to him, (but) only God can do that,” he said of Jones.

The vigil brought together people of all ages and races. Several speakers did not know the victim personally, but felt moved after seeing her smiling photos alongside the tragic story online.

“We want to show her family there’s a ton of support for them if they need it and that we’re here for them,” said an organizer of the vigil.

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