BELTON — Betsy Ladd, of Belton, scoured the vendors of a vintage flea market with her best friend in search of the perfect item at the right price.

“The whole reason I came is because I wanted to find some antiques and knickknacks, spend time with my friend and save money,” said Ladd on Sunday during the City-Wide Garage Sale, an Austin-based vintage flea market, at the Bell County Expo Center. “I wanted to find some antiques.”

Rue Dwyer, owner of the family-run business, brought the show to Belton about 15 years ago. Although the event started as a garage sale, it quickly transformed.

“People having a garage sale at their house typically don’t want to load up their trucks and take it down and then take it back home,” Dwyer said. “What it turned into is a vintage flea market.”

The show featured sports trading cards, quilts, china, vintage toys, coins, estate jewelry and more.

“Basically everything you can find in your house,” Dwyer said.

Although Ladd and her friend, Carla Jacobs, of Killeen, weren’t seraching for anything in particular, they spent two hours circling about 50 vendors.

“If we find something we really want, we’ll go back and get it,” said Jacobs during their second walk around the indoor market. “If it’s still there, then it’s meant to be.”

“And if it’s not, it wasn’t,” Ladd added. “You don’t know if you’ll see something you like better.”

Jacobs bought a white vintage pitcher that reminded her of her grandmother.

“It looked really cool,” she said. “It’s always nice to find good antiques. They don’t make it like they used to.”

Jacobs and Ladd like to spend as much time together as they can and plan to check out antique shops in Salado.

“I heard the shops up there have really good stuff,” Jacobs said. “You don’t really find all the good antiques in the regular stores these days. It’s always nice to find a good deal.”

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