Killeen Volunteers Inc. is seeking individuals and groups to volunteer in the annual Make a Difference Day slated for Oct. 26.

“Make a Difference Day is a national day of celebration where people go out and try to make a difference in the community with a day of community service,” said Colen Wilson, the organization’s president. “The goal is to make a difference in other people’s lives and do something for someone that needs help or that can’t do it themselves.”

So far, there are 118 registered project from 27 local agencies; 65 projects have been adopted thus far.

Wilson said Killeen Volunteers are anticipating about 10,000 volunteers.

“For 2012, there were 115 registered projects with 75 of them adopted,” Wilson said. “It was a banner year for the number of volunteers participating in Make a Difference Day coming in at 16,565.”

Projects include building bookshelves for the American Red Cross, planting flowers in a Fort Hood memorial garden, picking up trash around Brookhaven Elementary School and collecting nonperishable food items and toys at the Cove House Homeless Shelter.

Hilary Shine, spokeswoman for the city, said more than 3,000 people signed up to help but additional volunteers are needed.

Wilson said individuals or groups wishing to participate can go to the Killeen Volunteers Center, 2201 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd., to choose a project off the list

“A lot of important things get done on this day,” Wilson said. “Two years ago, code enforcement officers practically rebuilt a lady’s home after she had been ripped off by a contractor. It’s a really big event for us.”

Contact Natalie Stewart at or 254-501-7555

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