Spring storms

Ominous clouds looming over Nolanville about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

DALLAS — The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Central and North Texas, including Bell and Coryell counties.

The advisory Tuesday by the weather service could be expanded to include East Texas as a storm system moves east across the state. Severe thunderstorms are anticipated in some areas.

The NWS has issued the tornado watch until 7 Tuesday evening.

A layer of warm air over the area had limited storm development in much of North Texas over the past two days. That layer is expected to dissipate Tuesday, allowing storms and isolated tornadoes to develop.

Storms have continued to rage along the edges of the warm-air cap over the region, though. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported a Monday tornado in Blanket, a town of about 400 residents some 100 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Fort Hood has also issued a tornado watch for the entire post, according to a release.

Fort Hood officials will use the same emergency notification systems to warn residents as local governments, including sirens, public service announcements, Facebook posts, TV and radio announcements.

The potential for a tornado, severe thunderstorm, damaging hail greater than or equal to one-half inch and damaging winds greater than or equal to 52 mph are forecasted for Fort Hood.

Should hazardous weather impact Fort Hood, residents can call (254) 287-6700 to listen to the current weather situation and installation reporting status.

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