Heavy rain storms and possible thunderstorms are expected to roll through the Central Texas and Bell County areas around 1 p.m. today, according to the National Weather Service station in Dallas/Fort Worth.

"The whole area is in the threat area for severe thunderstorms this afternoon," meteorologist Jason Godwin said. "The east of Bell County will probably get the worst of it, but the Killeen area will probably see some storms, too."

The National Weather Service is reporting a 70 percent chance of rain starting around 1 p.m. and lasting until around 6 p.m. tonight. There is also a non-zero chance of tornadoes appearing in the area near the beginning of the storms.

"The chances for tornadoes in Bell County are on the lower end, but it's not zero," Godwin said. "They are more likely to be seen during the beginning of the storm, when smaller individual storms are popping up in front of the long storm line that will be coming through."

Godwin said the Central Texas area will see an average of about a 1/2-inch of rainfall during the storms, though some areas could get close to 2 inches of rain if the are hit by the preceding storms.

After the rain clears up around 7 p.m. tonight, the rest of the weekend is forecast as having sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to low 80s.

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