Heavy rain in parts of Texas flooded roads, left campers stranded, forced the evacuation of a hotel during a weather-related fire and ushered in unseasonably cool temperatures.

Following the first triple-digit day of the season earlier this week, temperatures took a nosedive Friday as some cities experienced record low temperatures. Heavy cloud cover following overnight storms kept the usual heat wave at bay, meteorologists said.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area had temperatures dip to 65 degrees Friday morning, breaking the previous record low by one degree.

While Waco did not experience a record low, the area was on track to break its record-low maximum temperature of 86 degrees, said Matt Bishop with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Bishop said Fort Worth also was on pace to break its record-low maximum temperature of 79 degrees.

“We reached 100 degrees later than average, but it wasn’t any kind of record,” Bishop said. “But we could end up with a couple of record-low maximum temperatures.”

Because the National Weather Service only gathers climatological evidence for the DFW and Waco areas, Bishop said, record highs and lows for Killeen were not available. However, temperatures in Killeen never left the 70s Friday, peaking at 77 degrees at 5 p.m. The area experienced a similar cool spell in July 2013, but not one quite this dramatic, Bishop said.

Central Texans should not get accustomed to the lower temperatures. Next week will see a resurgence of the familiar mid-70s lows and mid-90s highs.

“We’re going to warm up quickly this weekend,” Bishop said.

As storms cleared out, San Antonio firefighters early Friday responded to a Holiday Inn after lightning blew a hole in the roof. The estimated 50 guests were safely evacuated and the fire extinguished.

Austin-Travis County EMS reported 13 campers on an island in the Colorado River were evacuated Friday amid concerns their canoes and kayaks could not safely navigate the fast-moving water. A helicopter safely transported the men to land.

Forecasters said the Austin and San Antonio areas recorded nearly 3 inches of rain since Thursday night, prompting street flooding.

Storms earlier Thursday swamped some North Texas roads. The Killeen area got nearly an inch of rain this week.

About 10,000 customers in the San Antonio area were without electricity Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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