Those headed outside Monday for a Martin Luther King Day parade will benefit from the warmest temperatures of the week, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Bianca Villanueva of the NWS Dallas-Fort Worth office.

Monday will be cloudy, but have a high temperature of 57 degrees. The low temperature at night will be around 25 degrees, and there’s a chance of rain that could sweep in before midnight. Winds will get up to 20 miles per hour, according to Villanueva.

Cooler temperatures will prevail before and after the holiday, however. This afternoon, it will be sunny with a high temperature near 47 degrees and a north wind of 5 to 10 mph. Tonight, the temperature will drop down to 26.

Sunday will be sunny with a high temperature of 53 degrees and a low of 35.

Tuesday, there’ s a chance of snow and sleet before noon, according to NWS. That marks the third time in the past two months snow chances have graced Central Texas. Central Texans shouldn’t rush out to buy a shovel or sled though, as only .2 inches of accumulation are expected.

“Just be cautious when you’re driving to work Tuesday because it’ll be below freezing,” Villanueva said.

The high temperature will be around 33 degrees, with a north wind between 10 and 25 mph, according to NWS. Tuesday night, it will be cloudy with a low around 21. That means the roads could remain frozen for a majority of the day, Villanueva said, so commuters should drive carefully.

“There’ll be a warm up after that,” Villanueva said.

Temperatures will begin to rise again Wednesday. It will be cloudy with a high of 38 and a low of 27 degrees, with winds calming down to just 5 mph. Thursday, there’s a 20 percent chance of rain throughout the whole day, and it will be mostly cloudy with a high temperature of 45 degrees. Friday will be sunny with a high of 62.

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