A billboard advertising the city of Killeen resides up for viewing on the south bound lane of Interstate 35, Thursday, May 8, 2014 in Belton.

A website recently ranked Killeen as the most stressful city in the Lone Star State.

CreditDonkey.com, a financial, education and credit card comparison website, released a list of Texas’ 10 most stressful cities last week.

Factors used to create the rankings included the odds of being a victim of violent crime, commute time, average hours worked per week, percentage of divorces and percentage of income spent on housing.

“The CreditDonkey team researched the most stressful cities in Texas based on measures that are known to cause more tension and a lower quality of life,” wrote Cassy Parker, the California-based blogger who helped compile the data and create the list.

Killeen sits squarely in the No. 1 spot on the list, beating out larger Texas cities like Dallas for the dubious honor.

According to statistics, the odds of being a victim of violent crime in Killeen is 1 in 155 inhabitants, the average hours worked per week is 43.2 and roughly 25 percent of income is spent on housing, on average.

“The high cost of housing, long work hours, and relatively high crime rate earned Killeen the No. 1 spot as the most stressful city in Texas,” Parker wrote.

CreditDonkey founder Charles Tran said Texas was chosen because the state continued to pop up on many of the lists the site researched.

“Earlier this year, when we looked at what states were best for college grads to find jobs, Texas came in at No. 1. When we looked at what cities were best for young couples, the top three cities were all in Texas,” Tran wrote in an email to the Herald on Friday. “It got us to think whether everything is all perfect and rosy in Texas or if there are downsides.”

Tran said finding Killeen at the top of the list of most stressful cities was unexpected.

“We were surprised to see Killeen top the list. We would have expected a big city such as Dallas to top the list, but Killeen’s divorce statistics and number of hours worked pushed it to No. 1,” he wrote.

Killeen wasn’t the only Central Texas city to make the list.

Harker Heights was ranked No. 8.

According to Parker, Heights was the smallest city on the list, but had long work hours and had the highest percentage of divorced men, more than 11 percent, of any other city on the list.

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if our keystone kops would arrest more pimps dope dealers and hos there would be less stress when walking down streets[sad]


Haha! Killeen is by a military establishment and all those big guns stress the liberals. [smile]


Houston wouldn't be on the list, they have more job opportunities and better pay, that's what helps families, not worrying about republican or democratic politicians.


Ah----that's a bunch of cr**p....Killeen is what you make it. Of course, if your not vigilant, not paying attention,drinking,out late etc etc you probably will be a victim. Killeen (to me) is a big ol party with fast cars,cold beer and best looking women in Texas.


I would like to read the more detailed to study. I wonder where they took into account the extremely high military presence as far as the divorce rate goes or if they didn't at all. Between the size of the city in proportion to the size of the military it is unlike any city in Texas.

Dr Strangelove

I think this website is smoking dope they don't even have Houston on the list.



And the people there have to deal with Sheila Jackson Lee making decisions for them

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