A local woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bush’s Chicken, claiming her husband died after eating tainted food at one of the restaurant’s Killeen locations.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Angela Scurry in Travis County District Court, stated that Angela Scurry’s husband became ill shortly after he ate chicken strips from the Bush’s Chicken location on 38th Street in Killeen on Nov. 27, 2012.

Angela Scurry claims she and her husband went to the Bush’s Chicken at 812 38th St.

According to the complaint, Scurry’s husband, Morris Scurry, ate some of the chicken on the way home, and the rest later that night.

About 3 a.m. he started vomiting and having diarrhea. The following day, Morris Scurry collapsed inside his home “writhing on the floor in pain,” according to the complaint.

Morris Scurry was diagnosed with an infection caused by Campylobacter bacteria. During his stay in the hospital, Morris Scurry suffered cardiac arrest but was revived.

He was released Dec. 7, returned to the hospital two more times, complaining of symptoms and was given the same diagnosis and treatment, according to the complaint.

On Dec. 21, Morris Scurry collapsed at his home, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The lawsuit alleges Morris Scurry’s’ illness and death was the result of a Campylobacter bacteria infection. Campylobacter is caused by eating raw or undercooked poultry meat, or from other foods cross-contaminated by raw or undercooked poultry, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit charges that Bush’s failed to properly prepare the chicken Morris Scurry ate, and claims that Bell County Health Inspection forms show a “history of improper cooking temperature, cross-contamination and other violations” at the location.

Angela Scurry and her Dallas-based attorney are asking for more than $1 million, plus punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

Bush’s Chicken did not respond to a request for a comment on the lawsuit.

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Does anyone know why the information about Bush's was not published everywhere after the second time they failed the health inspection? Someone at the health inspection office needs to go to jail and whoever the supervising people at the office that allowed them to stay open needs to lose their jobs and also be liable for part of the damages.


I stopped eating Bushes Chicken after coming to Killeen in 2005. My stomach just felt bad, like a knot was in it.


Four, are we completely 100% positive it was Bush's chicken and not something that was cooked at home?

Five, he was "diagnosed and treated" THREE times (including a cardiac arrest) at the hospital, the first time including a cardiac arrest. How was he released the first time from the hospital? Or the second? Or the third?

There's no good way to lose a loved one, but there are many scenarios that should be thought about.

Mamma Griz

One, how many other people ate chicken strips at that location on that day?

Two, what else did he eat for a midnight snack?

Three, did the tests show just what food caused the illness? In other words, where's the proof?

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