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The NIE Impact: Improve Student Test Scores

In a recent study of 22 cities across the country, schools applying the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program in their classrooms were compared with those who did not. Local or state reading tests were used as the measure. In all cities the results were the same, creating a strong case in support of the value of NIE.

For all students ,there was a 10% increase in test scores for those who participated in the NIE program compared to those who did not.

In all cases the test scores were directly related to the intensity of use of NIE materials in the classroom: The higher the use of newspapers, the higher the test scores.

In all cases the greatest increase was gained by middle school students.

In schools with a large low-income and/or non-English speaking percentage of students, the increase in test scores for the newspaper group was as much as 29%.