Colorado made a national splash as smokers lined up early in the morning on New Year’s Day to buy a quarter-ounce or so of marijuana with the governor’s blessing. Yes, the state legalized it.

More to the point, they dropped the hypocrisy. Yes, cannabis has real therapeutic value for some sick people. The major demand, however, isn’t from patients but from users who’d just like to smoke a bowl without fear of picking up a felony record along with a buzz.

The nonsense about 20-something men who need “medicine” for their ankle sprains, attention deficit disorder or insomnia is likely to be a welcome casualty, at least in Colorado, of the full decriminalization. Maybe we can have more straight talk about the drug and less winking euphemism.

What Colorado also built for itself is a system that — even as it removed the state-level criminal penalties associated with marijuana — at least attempts to regulate it far more tightly than is the case under California’s “medicinal” system.

Retail outlets are licensed and required to track their product from first seed to final sale. Codes govern security, sales to minors, testing and purity.

The rules ban an array of dangerous pesticides and advertising toward youths, including all marketing on billboards or via pop-up Internet ads.

And, enjoying the benefit of state licenses, retailers have an incentive to follow the law.

The system won’t be perfect, but precisely what controls are there today to stop backyard growers from selling to teenagers?


The spread of heavy marijuana use will not make for a healthier or more vibrant society, and critics of legalization fear a quick downward spiral.

Maybe so — though cigarettes are wickedly addictive and sold at every gas station and grocery, but education and changing social mores have cut smoking dramatically over the past few decades.

Maybe everything will quickly go downhill up in the Rockies, but for now Colorado looks like a model.

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Token on a joint minding your own business, big deal! Let it go.


liberalism has now gone so far as to authorize dopers.


Why are there no credits as to whom wrote this article?


To be honest, the only reason I created an account was because of the below comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; but that last comment is just plain wrong.
First, my condolences to your family member. Second; where was his immediate family during his time of addiction. Blaming Marijuana for ones lack of better judgement is a cop out. Marijuana did not make him move to stronger drugs. He made the choice to move to stronger drugs. Is marijuana a gateway drug? That is still being discussed and yet to be proven to this day. You drink a beer and decide to move onto whiskey. Does that classify beer as a gateway drug to harder alcohol. It's comes down to the individual's ability to exercise sound judgment.
Everyone is different. DEA mobile kill squads? For drug users. So your basically advocating legal murder of people like your family member? Cruise the streets listening for dam jungle tom tom bass music? Do you stereo type much? Why not listen out for Willy Nelson or Johnny Cash if that's the case. Your views on how society should be ran is parallel of a fascist regime. So please, spare this community of your ill advised claims and thoughts. Close minded individuals and their inability to move forward, is what is holding our nation back....


Considering the bad effect of Mary Jane on the brain ( I had a family member in other state that let the pot destroy his brain and increase his desire for more stronger highs)

Instead of going after the supply of pot or other drugs .The DEA and law enforcement should go after reducing the demand for pot by making it a death penalty to use or have pot or any illegal drugs.

And to hire special police teams to have mobil kill and cremate vans that will as soon as person is found driving with pot or booze to have the special police teams kill the offender and then cremate them and mail the ashes along with a fine of 5K to their family members and also have the special mobil police teams cruse the neighbors and listen for that dam jungle tom tom bass music and then raid the home and process the drug users.

Fact is if you kill a drug users he or she will never be able to purchase drugs. and this will reduce the use of drugs as well as getting rid of the weak minded college students whom because of drug use are going to be a curse to this nation.


I really hope you're joking, but somehow I doubt it. Have you published your manifesto or is it locked in a safe in your bunker, for your eyes only?


@ Colorado made a national splash as smokers lined up early in the morning on New Year’s Day to buy a quarter-ounce or so of marijuana with the governor’s blessing

I think the writer may have mis-typed the above and instead meant to type as ---

Colorado made a national splash as dopers lined up early in the morning on New Year’s Day to buy a quarter-ounce or so of marijuana with the governor’s blessing

---That's the way I see what's going on in Colorado ( and in a larger way, in Cali.).

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