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One for the money, two for the show.

It’s gone around and around.

A storm is coming.

As I look outside, or as I drive my car around, I am noticing so many birds, of so many varieties — they are here and appear to be ravenous. Almost every neighborhood, highway median and open field seems to be attracting birds. I love looking in my backyard to count the varieties I see.

We Texans are fortunate when it comes to access to government information. Correction. We were fortunate.

To burn or not to burn. If this is your question, allow me to try to answer it by going through the laws on public and private burning and the exceptions that are allowed. With the winds that have already been quite prevalent this week, and the upcoming springtime and summer heat, we should …

One foot in front of the other.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the problem with feral hogs in Texas. The population has exploded, and with it comes an increase in the damage done by their rooting and feeding habits. Lands affected by feral hogs include parks, nature reserves, ranch land, golf courses, and even rural neighborh…

The bar is set very high.

Hasn’t it been gorgeous weather? I love when it warms up in February.

You always wanted to jump from an airplane.

It is important to ask ourselves “why” from time to time, since it’s essential to have a rational for what we choose to do. The interesting part of asking ourselves “why” is there may not be one motive, but several. I stumbled across a quote about growing plants that fits me rather perfectly:

Your last vacation was really fun.

All roots are not created equal, but they all serve at least one if not two of the most essential of purposes — providing a plant with the needed water and nutrients, and holding the plant firmly in place in its growing medium. Today, I wanted to discuss how you can start rooting plants righ…

The more I study flowers, seek out new species for my yard or for writing about in this column, and the more kinds I see as I travel around the world — the more amazing flowers become to me.

As January comes to a close, I wanted to share a quote I found that is reasonably profound. Since we have had such cold temperatures, and although they tend to warm right back up, most of the flowers, plants and perennials are looking pretty toasted. Only the evergreens look unaffected. The …

I know not all of my readers have issues with deer feeding on their landscaping, but I bet all of you know someone who does.

Who do you look up to?

This time of year always makes me smile, watching all the commercials about shaping up and getting fit, joining a gym, or trying the latest “eating healthy” plan. I’ve heard it is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but a month later, the excitement and/or momentum is all but gone.

You might need an extra blanket tonight.

Happy new year! This is the eighth time I’ve gotten to tell readers this. It hardly seems possible, another year went by so quickly. Let’s commit to making it 2017 a great one, by getting outside and enjoying the beauty of Central Texas.

The weather outside is frightful.

The wind was really impressive as the cold front blew in. I went out to watch it and got some awesome pictures of the cloud bank.

It took a leap of faith.

I love that scene in “Mary Poppins” where Dick Van Dyke sings “Chim Chim Cher-ee.” Other than this memory, many folks don’t think much about their chimneys. For those of us who have them, we see and care for the looks and function of our fireplaces, but the chimneys are out of sight, out of …

Some of the folks in my neighborhood got together recently and strolled around to homes open for visiting and snacking. We finished an enjoyable evening by stepping outside one home to sing Christmas carols. I had a lot of fun. It has been so long since I have caroled outside. I miss it, and…

You’ve got big plans this holiday season.

Well, the temperatures are finally falling low enough for it to feel cold. It’s about time — it is December, after all.

When I was a kid, my mother always seemed mad, or extremely frustrated, with this one plant she had that would not bloom. It was a wisteria and she wanted so badly for it to cover her fence and bloom those beautiful purple flowers. But as I recall, it never did, and eventually she dug it up.

Your new Christmas outfit is absolutely perfect.

I met a person recently who asked me, “How do you get your ideas to write your column each week?” That’s a good question. After seven and a half years, it is getting to be more of a challenge. But as you can see, I’m still going strong and haven’t had to repeat anything.

Imagine the person who created a toothbrush.

Time has flown by this year, and the Thanksgiving holiday is just days away. Our country has been through a great deal of discord, frustration and uncertainty. We heard talk of folks threatening to leave the U.S., we saw our flag burned, and we heard “this is NOT my country” after a contenti…

The best years of your life.

Have you noticed? There are so many butterflies this year. I thought maybe I was just imagining things, but it really is true. There are more butterflies this fall than usual. So I thought I would look into why.

You can’t fool me.

I recently experienced an unusually baffling situation with a lacey bark elm tree. It is 5 years old and was gorgeous two months ago. Now, it is totally brown. It literally went from a full canopy of green to a thin canopy of brown, shriveled leaves. It was painful to see.

Your walk around the block took longer this morning.

Since Halloween is coming up in a few days, and kiddos will be roaming around the streets and maybe even on your property, I thought outdoor safety might be a timely topic.

I have been talking about different weeding options in this column for years now. I’ve always held that pulling them out by the roots is the best way to immediately rid your yard of weeds. I’ve also discussed using a pre-emergent twice annually as well as a post-emergent when necessary. Then…

Everything seems a little eerier lately, doesn’t it?

I was emailing a fellow Master Gardener this week, and she mentioned the difficulty some folks have identifying particular species due to mediocre blooms. Her comments were the inspiration for this column.

You ran into someone from your past the other day.

Lately, there are days when you don’t move so well.

The city of Killeen just ended its curbside pick-up of recycling, for financial reasons, I’ve heard. They took the recycling bins, and now, how many of us have stopped collecting the recyclable materials? What are we supposed to do? I guess it depends upon how important we think it is to recycle.

Your grandmother’s jewelry will be yours someday.

I thought I would play off of some recently popularized “buzz words,” but instead apply them to plants, not people. How I came to this was, lately, I have found myself, while working in my landscaping, saying over and over, “Man, I hate this plant!” I don’t say that about many things, as I k…

The truth was bent a bit.

Many of our daily conversations begin by discussing the weather, since it affects us all and so much of our schedule and activities depend upon it. Nowadays, we usually feel fairly confident that we know the upcoming weather based on the forecasts provided by local TV stations and internet s…

I was heading into a business a couple of weeks ago and noticed a fun sight — a bunch of bananas. While I grew up seeing bananas growing quite often, I don’t see it much here. But it makes sense that these particular trees are fruiting this year, and for a couple of reasons.

While the weather is starting to get cooler, it’s still hot enough to enjoy a cold, refreshing dessert.

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