It was just too wet to put on a race night program, bottom line, end of story.

When the heavy rain began falling at 9:15 a.m. Saturday, the first thing I thought was, “Well, there we go. The bleachers will be too wet for fans to be comfortable, the weather bureau says no sun to dry things out, so, let’s call promoter Dave and see where we stand.”

When David Goode answered his phone and said an inch of liquid sunshine had drenched the track since 8 a.m. I waited

for the three most hated words in motorsports ... “We’re rained out.”

He didn’t say them right then, so I thought maybe this guy, known as The Mad Scientist of Dirt-Track Racing, had an ace in the hole.

Had he come up with a 70-foot wide, quarter-mile tarp to cover the track? Had he borrowed jet dryers from Texas Motor Speedway? Or, was he about to call the staff in, arm us all with mops and say “Everybody pick a spot and start pushing water?”

Alas, none of the above came to pass, so it was a day of watching the weather radar like a hawk and finally deciding at 3:30 p.m. that if you can’t do a first-class job of giving the drivers a great surface to compete on and the fans a top-notch experience, cancel and go again next week.

I was really looking forward to a special event we had planned in the Street Stock-IMCA Stock Car Powder Puff Derbies, where the tables are turned, allowing the wives and significant others to get behind the wheel and show their other halves how it’s done. We’ll have to wait a week on that now.

One good thing came out of it, though.

At least we were spared the embarrassment of seeing my announcing partner, Sarge Masom, who fancies himself quite a driver, put on a sundress, borrow a blonde wig and try to con his way into the derby lineup.

I’ll take a rainout over that any day.

See ya at the track!

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