School starts next week for students across Central Texas, which means it’s time to decide what to eat for lunch.

Brown bagging it at lunch time is a great way to control calories and keep more cash in my wallet. I keep on track with my diet by knowing exactly what I’m eating.

Taking inventory of my deep freezer Saturday, I found a pork roast I’d bought on sale.

Ice cream has origins in ancient China and Greece, where people mixed snow, fruits and syrups to create sweet treats. Sorbets and ices were served to the wealthy in ancient Rome and Persiato mark special occasions.

It’s barely mid-July, and with a lot of 100-degree days ahead, the last thing I want to do as summer heats up is spend a lot of time over a hot stove making dinner.

Ice cream is my favorite dessert, and while it’s fun to go to a shop for a scoop or two, I especially enjoy making it.

When my family gathers for meals, I’m often in charge of desserts, and I’ve already started working on the treats I’ll take to my sister’s Monday for Fourth of July festivities.

Hot summers are nothing new to Texans, and now that another one is here, I’ll make sure to stock the freezer with cool treats.

It’s been trending for a while, but it took watching my 2½-year-old niece ask my sister for an “oatmeal shake” before I decided to try overnight oatmeal.

Summer is almost here, and with rising temperatures, I’m reminded of the importance of hydration.

When peaches are in season, I buy them by the bushel every chance I get.

Baking is one of my favorite ways to relax, but many of my favorite recipes also require more time than I have in a normal day.

If I could only eat one meal a day, it would be breakfast.

Many Texans will say the only real barbecue is beef.

During her spring break visit last month, my mom brought me a spiral vegetable slicer. She picked up a few in the bargain bin at a craft store and thought my siblings and I would enjoy using them.

A couple of days before my family’s Easter gathering, while my mom, sister and I were out shopping for the ingredients we’d need for the big meal, my mom decided she wanted to add her grandmother’s Magic Lemon Pie to the menu.

When I was younger, my mom went all out on holidays.

Spring is right around the corner, and I can’t wait for a new crop of fresh foods to hit local markets.

Italian food has long been a favorite of mine, but I developed an even greater affinity for cooking it after tasting what students in Central Texas College’s culinary arts program did with fennel during an Iron Chef challenge about three years ago.

Mardi Gras is over and Lent begins today, which for me, means a season of fasting and abstaining from meat on Fridays until Easter arrives.

Gearing up for the big game on Super Bowl Sunday is only part of the fun.

There’s nothing better than a hot meal on a cold day.

Winter is my favorite time of year, partly because citrus is in season. Nothing brightens a meal like the sweet, tangy zing of a lemon, orange, grapefruit or tangerine.

Part of the fun of New Year’s Eve is ringing in another year with family and friends.

If your trays of holiday treats aren’t piled too high already, I’ve got two more of my favorite desserts to share with you today.

It’s not Christmas season without decorated sugar cookies.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without cookies.

Now that December is here, it’s time for holiday baking.

For many people, Thanksgiving means pumpkin pie, but I’ve never been a fan.

Even though fall’s cooler temperatures have been hit or miss so far, Halloween weekend seemed like a good time to get in season with a batch of chili.

I’m temporarily staying in a house without a dishwasher, which has inspired me to pull out some of my favorite one-pot meals so there’s less to clean up.

While cleaning out cabinets in my kitchen over the weekend, I found a stash of recipe cards that weren’t filed in the box I use to organize the hundreds of recipes I’ve collected over the years.

Nothing’s better on a crisp fall day than warm apples.

As September ends and October arrives and it finally starts to feel like fall, I look forward to fresh fall foods, such as apples and pumpkins.

While I enjoy cooking using a number of methods, I’ve always loved baking best.

I’ve been spending more time lately with my youngest brother, who’s been a vegetarian for more than a year.

I’ve been battling a cold this week, and extra doses of medicine have really drained my energy.

Casserole is American comfort food. At least in the South where I grew up.

It’s hard to eat well when my schedule is full, but maintaining proper nutrition is key to overall health.

It’s almost time for another school year, which means getting meals ready in a hurry to ensure there’s time for breakfast before heading to school.

It’s hot enough outside to melt pavement, and even the A/C on full blast hasn’t been enough to keep the heat at bay.

If I could only eat one style of food for the rest of my life, it would be Tex-Mex.

Trying not to eat too much sugar is a constant battle for many Americans, myself included.

While fresh blueberries are in abundance, I like to eat them in everything from smoothies and cereal to salads and desserts.

It’s not the Fourth of July without ice cream and fireworks.

Summer’s officially here, and it’s getting too hot to spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen.

A friend gave me a bunch of zucchini from her garden this weekend, so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite recipes for fresh zucchini.

Last week, I picked up a bunch of fresh peaches from a roadside stand, which means summer is really almost here.

With summer right around the corner and the temperature starting to heat up, I’m ready to start eating lighter meals for lunch and dinner. Nothing’s worse on a hot day than a heavy meal at night.

With the return of summer farmers markets across Central Texas, I’m looking forward to getting up early on Saturdays to hunt down the freshest produce I can find.

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