Jameill Showers stood on the sideline waiting.

It was where he spent most of his time the last four years.

More patient than most, Showers never complained.

He didn’t complain when he had a bit of bad luck and broke his shoulder, forcing him to sit out his senior season at Shoemaker. Instead, he focused on his future at Texas A&M.

Nor did he complain when he was behind Ryan Tannehill on the depth chart.

Why would he? He was next in line.

And he did not complain, when redshirt Johnny Manziel beat him out for the starting spot right before the Aggies began the 2012 season.

But Showers is finally tired of waiting.

After graduating with a degree from Texas A&M in June, Showers will transfer and hope to land a starting quarterback job at another university.

“It wasn’t an ideal situation for me. I didn’t want to be watching football, essentially, for my whole college career,” Showers said. “I wanted to start. That’s what I went to A&M to do and it just didn’t work out that way. I had to make the decision I made and I decided to leave.”

Showers was surprised when none of the Aggie faithful blamed him for leaving.

But how could they? He got beat out by a Heisman Trophy winner. He got beat out by Johnny Football. If he stayed, he wasn’t going to see the field unless Manziel got injured.

It wasn’t a bet he was willing to take. It wasn’t something he wanted to hope for.

Showers wants to stay in Texas, but, his options are limited. He won’t go to Texas and get himself into the quarterback mess on the 40 Acres, and he won’t go to TCU, where Casey Pachall was reinstated. That leaves Baylor and Texas Tech as the best options if he stays in state.

And both are strong fits from the strong-armed junior.

Showers spent last season under the direction of Kliff Kingsbury, the offensive coordinator for the Aggies before taking over as head coach at Texas Tech.

So he already knows the Red Raiders’ offense.

But Baylor’s is not far off either. And both offenses are exactly what he is looking for — “a team that throws the ball a lot, also gives the quarterback freedom — kind of like this offensive (system at A&M) was, I can make changes as I see fit.”

If he doesn’t stay in state, though, or sees the same possible scenario when he takes a close look at Texas Tech’s Michael Brewer and Baylor’s Bryce Petty?

Then he might head to Cal, which with new head coach Sonny Dykes could be one of the most explosive offenses in the Pac-12 next season. Dykes was named 2011 WAC Coach of the Year for leading Louisiana Tech to the 2011 WAC title. He did even better in 2012, going 9-3 with Tech as the Bulldogs finished third in the Football Bowl Subdivision in passing, throwing for more than 350 yards per game. Texas Tech was second (355.9). Baylor was fourth (340.5).

Wherever he lands, though, Showers simply wants a chance to prove himself.

The last four years have done nothing but put doubts in his head about his abilities. Now, he has a chip on his shoulder he wants to knock off. But still he is showing his patience. He won’t make his decision on which school to transfer to until well after National Signing Day on Wednesday.

The decision is too important to make over a couple of days. He isn’t going to rush it. That’s not his style.

Because for Showers, the decision is do-or-die.

He wants to toss the clipboard aside and get on the field — and, for once, stop waiting.

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