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Few bright spots for 8-5A after nondistrict batterings

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MAJAG89: Holy cow Nick! Are you a graduate of Copperas Cove High? Could you slobber on them and young Mr. Harris any harder?
Why don't we just hand Cove the State title right now and proclaim Mr. Harris the greatest 5A athlete EVER? No need to play out the string here. Cove is NEVER going to lose with ALL the PLAYMAKERs they have.
Oh wait Cove isn't undefeated? How did that happen? How could a team with so much offense and so many playmakers ever lose?
Oh that's right they don't know how to cover kickoffs or play defense either!!
How about a little analysis of who the other teams in the district lost to in non-district play. Bet you find more than a few playoff teams and a State Champion finalist from last year on 8-5A slates this year. Very few cupcakes on Ellison's, Temple, Belton, Killeen, Harker Heights and Killeen's non-district slate and defintiely no non-US teams that amount to nothing but a glorified scrimmage game either.
By the way, weren't you supposed to be leaving town? Can we help you pack/drive you to the bus station?
If you are going to stay in town, leave your supposition at the door and stick to reporting the games. You might just be surprised by the "talent" in the district.
Much like the composition of the district, most of the talent doesn't live in either Cove or Waco.

Monday, September 23, 2013, 1:18 pm