Buddy McBryde made the smart move.

He formally announced his resignation during his football athletic period Friday morning.

McBryde could have waited to be fired, to not have his contract renewed, but instead he left Ellison with his dignity and in the right way. He knew he couldn’t stay at Ellison.  

His winless record the last two seasons spoke for itself. McBryde compiled a 13-37 record in five years as head coach, including losing every game the final two seasons.

Without question, the school needed a fresh start, a new leader and a new coach.

So McBryde, who is expected to serve out the end of his current contract, did what he thought was best for himself and the school and stepped down.

I respect him for that.

But it is hard to put a positive spin on 0-20. The boosters and alumni were fed up. Some former coaches did not speak well of the program. But that, too, happens. Not everyone gets along.

What doesn’t happen too often is 0-20.

There is no way around it.

There are no excuses for it.

It is simply 0-20 and that is why McBryde is no longer in charge at Ellison.

He had seen former Shoemaker coach Ken Gray suffer through back-to-back winless campaigns.

And McBryde saw that it cost Gray his job as head coach and campus athletic coordinator for the Grey Wolves.

Gray resigned in June 2011 following the second of two 0-10 seasons and amid a 31-game skid, which ended with a 31-24 victory over Ellison in 2011 under current coach Channon Hall.

To complete the circle of losing, McBryde’s last game with the Eagles was a 27-14 loss to Shoemaker on Nov. 9.

McBryde was often criticized since taking over the Eagle program, mostly from fans and alumni who weren’t happy with the wing-T offense he installed and the lack of direction the team seemed to have at times.

Now, it is time for a new direction.

KISD Executive Director of Athletics Tom Rogers said McBryde’s decision to resign a week after the season ended should help the transition, allowing the district to take its time and find the right candidate to hire.

The school district is expected to begin the search for a new campus athletic coordinator and football coach immediately, with a job posting already up on the KISD website and an application deadline of Dec. 4.

After the applications are in, KISD needs to take its time and get the right coach to lead Ellison out of its doldrums. Rogers and KISD did not have time following the ouster of Gray at Shoemaker.

Gray and Shoemaker split ways in June of 2010 and KISD was left with just few weeks to replace him.

What resulted was a turnstile of candidates.

They did well, in the end, getting Channon Hall to take of the reigns of the much maligned high school.

He has only won three games in two years, but that is three more than they had in the two years prior to his arrival.

But three wins won’t be enough to satisfy Ellison’s fan base. The Eagles have done better and expect better.

Even 4-6, doesn’t cut it. Not when that 4-6 team has seven college football players and two all-world track stars.  The 2010 season with David Cobb (Minnesota football), Prezel Hardy (Texas A&M track), Michael Bryan (Texas A&M track) and Devon Hocutt should have been better.

Ellison should have competed for a district title.

It didn’t and the Eagle fans grumbled. Then came another 4-6 season. Then an 0-10 season.

Then another.

Fans groaned about each and every McBryde decision.

To them, he could do nothing right.

Until the final move was made by the Ellison coach — the smart one they were waiting for.

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He made a smart move by resigning? Smart would be a nation that focused less on sports and more on academia.

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