I choose to look forward.

At a time when everyone is making lists and checking it twice to see who was naughty or nice in 2012, I am going to do something slightly different.

Oh, I am making a list, too. But, instead of focusing on the past, I am once again going to gaze into my crystal ball of wrong predictions and see what the future holds in 2013 for sports in Central Texas.

Here are 10 things that are unlikely, but are more likely to occur in 2013 than Dec. 21, 2012, being the end of the world. Dang Mayans.

10. Robert Griffin III throws for 300 yards and crushes the Dallas Cowboys today, putting the Washington Redskins on a seven-game win streak. Then ... see prediction No. 1.

9. Daniel McCants becomes the next great running back or perhaps even the best in KISD history when he rushes for 2,000 yards in his senior season and leads the Roos to the playoffs.

8. Dwight Howard bolts the Los Angeles Lakers after they barely make the playoffs and then get ousted in the first round. He signs with the Dallas Mavericks.

7. David Ash passes for 3,000 yards and 25 TDs and is not challenged as the starting quarterback at Texas next season as no one, and I mean no one, roots for Case McCoy anymore.

6. Harker Heights basketball coach Celneque Bobbitt and Shoemaker coach Marc Minatrea will continue to use food quotes in the newspaper, culminating with a showdown at Taiwan Dragon to see who can scarf down the most Chinese food. Ellison coach Alberto Jones will decline the invitation, citing heartburn, but his Eagles will narrowly win the District 8-5A title.

5. Johnny Manziel does not win another Heisman trophy, but Texas A&M still wins 10 games in its second season in the SEC. They put a statue of him on campus anyway to improve their SEC credibility.

4. Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk will get Heisman votes, but he won’t win the award either as the former Temple standout runs for 1,500 yards and 20 TDs. Who will win the trophy? Tajh Boyd of Clemson. The ACC stinks, he is coming back and he had the same amount of TDs as Manziel (43) this season. Yes, seniors can win the award, too.

3. KISD will hire a coach for Ellison faster than anyone expects. He will win more games next season than the last coach did in two years. I know that means the Eagles only have to win one game, but hey, I want at least one of these to be right.

2. Mack Brown retires. It is time for him to go. I don’t know if this happens before next season or after, the crystal ball is hazy a bit. But, Brown leaves the Longhorns program in 2013. His successor is Art Briles and Baylor fans cry for the next 10 years.

1. What happens when teams get hot in the NFL around playoff time? They win the Super Bowl. The Packers and Giants proved this fact in year’s past. They both won the championship as wild-card qualifiers (Giants 2008, Packers 2010). And the Giants won it all after going 9-7 last season. The Redskins will have won seven straight going into the playoffs, have a 10-6 record and be NFL East champions. They win the Super Bowl as RGIII cements his status as instant NFL superstar. Four years from now, RGIII runs for President of the United States. He wins that, too. Even ESPN’s Rob Parker votes for him.

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