There seems to always be scrutiny over what we should be eating, and what’s the most healthy.

Sometimes it’s more work trying to keep up with the onslaught of information then it is to actually put it in motion.

But I read an article recently in the Ladies Home Journal that listed eight of the healthiest foods that should be consumed. Because I like lists, I used theirs to score my own diet.

Blueberries: they are rich in antioxidants. Like cranberries, they can protect against urinary tract infections. Despite the fact that I like blueberries, I can’t remember the last time I purchased them; however, I’ve added them to my next grocery shopping list. I’m envisioning frozen blueberries served over a helping of plain yogurt with a drizzle of honey.

Oranges: a single orange provides a daily dose of vitamin C. With the holiday season arriving, oranges should be in plenty at local grocery stores. I typically purchase a five-pound bag and eat them as an afternoon snack.

Apples: they provide antioxidants, and also satisfy 15 percent of an individual’s daily fiber needs.

This is good news for me, because apples are an easy thing for me to pack to work. I always slice them up and have them on my desk.

Bananas: this fruit is high in potassium and low in sodium, and they help lower the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. These are popular in my house, and either eaten by themselves or with my morning bowl of oatmeal.

Kiwis: it’s said this fruit reduces the risk of cataracts, and they contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges. I’ve heard that kiwi is an acquired taste, but they’re a favorite of mine.

Grapes: they provide resveratrol, the antioxidant that fights against heart disease. These also make a great snack, and are perfect for freezing in small containers and eating either frozen or thawed.

Strawberries: a daily handful helps control Type 2 diabetes, and also fights heart disease and inflammation.

This is a fruit that I’ll slice up and eat either alone or mixed with kiwi and bananas.

Papayas: this fruit helps improve digestion and also provides vitamin C. I used to eat dried papaya when I was a kid, but haven’t eaten them in a long time. I need to start adding them back into my diet.

How would you rate yourself? Anything you need to add to your diet?

Information obtained from the Ladies Home Journal.

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