These are a few of my “un”favorite weeds!

Darla Horner Menking | Herald

I thought I would play off of some recently popularized “buzz words,” but instead apply them to plants, not people. How I came to this was, lately, I have found myself, while working in my landscaping, saying over and over, “Man, I hate this plant!” I don’t say that about many things, as I know it’s not good to hate.

The word deplorable came to mind since it describes this plant, or weed, perfectly. I consider this plant, a species of spurge, truly wretched, contemptible, despicable, unpleasant and low quality. (As you can see, I looked up synonyms of deplorable to describe all the negative attributes I can find regarding this weed.)

I’ve never seen a plant spread like this one, and the speed at which it grows … well, I think I could sit there and see it get taller. It grows through my mulch, no matter how thick I put it. I think I’d have to go out twice a day to keep on top of it. It seems to spread exponentially.

Now, what about irredeemable? Can it be possible for a plant to be completely hopeless, without any merit, or unworthy to exist? I’m not sure about this. I’ve always believed, as with people, all things have some merit and exist for a purpose. It’s a stretch with this spurge, which is all over my flower beds, but if I try, I can come up with a few positives. It’s got a tap root and easy to pull up, and it’s not really an ugly weed. It blows and sways nicely in the breeze, and I guess it could provide something of a habitat for some small insect.

So I have to ask myself why I keep saying that I hate this plant. I’m just tired of pulling it up, I don’t feel like it’s under control, and there are just SO many of them. And are there other plants that fall into this category, deplorable but not irredeemable? For me, I have a few. They are nut sedge, bind weed, carpetweed, purslane, snailseed and green briar. I’m sure there are more, but these come to mind immediately.

In closing, I just want to say again that while I extremely dislike the unpleasantness and disgusting traits of the weeds I listed above, I will NOT go as far as to say they are irredeemable. I know there has to be a purpose.

I just wish they would fulfill that purpose somewhere else. What about you? Email me a list of your least favorite weeds.

Darla Horner Menking is an outdoor enthusiast and Herald correspondent. Contact her at

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Thanks for treating Gods creation like a politician.

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