This Beautyberry shows its vibrant berries in late summer and early fall.

There are many plants, shrubs, grasses and flowers that currently are blooming or being “showy.”

Since summer is winding up and early fall is quickly approaching, I thought it might be informative and insightful to print a list — a partial one — of some of those species that should be making a statement around now, especially with the rain we’ve been receiving.

It turned out to be quite an impressive compilation and even surprised me. Also, remember that due to naturally-occurring scenarios, there will never be 100 percent of all the plants listed being cooperative at one time. But based on the most current information out there, the plants below are at least summer to fall or fall blooming species.

If you don’t recognize many of them, the reason might be most of these are Texas native/adapted plants, many of which may not be sold in the stores or are commonly used. Most, however, can be found with a little effort. The color of the blooms are:

  • Fall/Texas aster: purple/blue
  • Butterfly bush: yellow/orange
  • Hummingbird bush: purple/blue
  • Beautyberry: purple berries
  • Primrose: yellow
  • Trumpet vine: orange
  • Plumbago: blue
  • Dessert willow: pink
  • Damianita: yellow
  • Rain lily: white
  • Mexican heather: pinkish-purple
  • Dahlberg daisy: white
  • Fleabane: white
  • Guara: white/pink
  • Firebush: red
  • Daylily: variety
  • St. John’s Wort: yellow
  • Shrimp plant: red
  • Crepe myrtle: variety
  • Lantana: variety
  • Lavender: blue/purple
  • Texas sage: pink/purple/white
  • Turk’s Cap: red/pink
  • Blackfoot daisy-white
  • Gulf/Lindheimer’s Muhley: pink/white
  • Catmint: blue
  • Rock rose: pink
  • Penstemons: variety

Darla Menking is a certified Bell County Texas Master Gardener and a Texas Master Naturalist. Email her at darla.menking

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