I decided that this year I was going to bowl in all three senior leagues at all three of our centers. As I was about to leave the center after bowling Sunday, I was approached by several people complaining about smoking in the center.

I have approached this subject several times in my columns, but it is a topic that just doesn’t want to go away.

I am a non-smoker and I would prefer to bowl under non-smoking conditions, but that is only possible at Phantom Warrior Lanes, so because I enjoy bowling, especially with the seniors, I do my best to put up with the smokers. We can argue the issue ad nauseam, but until the city makes it illegal to smoke in all public places, the smokers have a right to light up.

Apparently, someone was offended by the smokers and voiced an opinion that brought about some controversy and it was brought to my attention and apparently to the league president, who will have to address the issue next week.

I used to take sides on this issue going back to the 1970s when Ron Roy was a cigar smoker and a person with health issues complained. At the time, I took her side and would probably do the same now knowing it wouldn’t change anything.

In the case of the bowling center and smoking, there are several options that can be used. First, the league can vote to make it a non-smoking league. Second, they can vote to have designated smoking areas, such as the lounge. Third, they could politely ask the smoker to either not smoke, or move to a designated area.

The argument revolves around who has the most rights, the smoker or the non-smoker. Many of those smoking at the two Killeen centers are the very same bowlers who do not smoke when bowling at Phantom Warrior.

I asked my readers to email me their thoughts on the smoking issue and the vast majority wanted no smoking; only one person wrote me preferring to smoke.

Whatever decision is made, it won’t please everyone, but understand that only the bowlers can resolve this issue and enforce it.

Phantom Warrior Lanes will host the upcoming Harvest Tournament and Bake Sale in support of our local youth bowlers. The event will take place Sept. 29 and is a 3-6-9 alibi tournament, with all proceeds going to the youth bowlers to assist them with the entry fees for the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood Youth Tournament to be held in February 2013.

This is an adult-youth tournament open to all youth and adults, and teams will consist of four bowlers with at least one youth and one adult. Entry fee is $12 per bowler and the handicap is 100 percent of 230. There will be two squads, one at 12:30 p.m. and one at 3 p.m.

Entry forms can be found at each center and www.bowlkilleenforthood.org or contact the tournament director at charlesmcin@hotmail.com.

The men’s travel league has started and it looks like 14 teams will be competing.

All Air, Inc tops District 1 with a record of 6-2. Nine and Out leads District 2 with a perfect 8-0 record.

I have not heard anything from anyone regarding a women’s travel league.

The Phantom Warriors Oldtimers league had a huge growth spurt, going from 16 teams to 30. Normally I would say that was a good thing, but it means that 24 teams bowl on one side of the center while six other teams will be on the other side of the house. Good thing? I don’t know. The six teams will require six lanes and two extra lanes in the event of an equipment breakdown. The 24-lane side will have fresh oil while the other six teams could be bowling following open bowlers.

Phantom Warrior Lanes does a tremendous business during the lunch hour with soldiers coming in for lunch and bowling. It is usually a full house during that time.

I would have preferred that the league change from a three-person team to four and reduce the number of teams so everyone can bowl together under the same conditions. Think about it for next year.

Today, it’s Killeen Bowlerama and another senior league. I love it, now if they would just have automatic doors.

See you on the lanes.

Contact Don Wright at wrightdk@hot.rr.com.



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I am tired of everybody being down on smokers . If we all stopped smoking look at all the tax money that would be lost and you know what would happen then. And if we all stopped going to the bowling allies how long will they stay ? So stop this BS on trying to get everybody to live life the will you do we are all Humans and have rights.

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