We are down to about 90 days and the Professional Bowlers of the Southwest Region will be at Hallmark Lanes for the 17th Annual Killeen Open.

Dick Atkinson, proprietor of Hallmark Lanes, has scheduled five qualifying events for local amateurs, men and women, to earn a spot in the Open. The qualifying tournaments will be held on June 1, June 15, June 29, July 13 and Aug. 3. All of the qualifiers will begin at 7 p.m.

The Killeen Open has been very successful and is considered one of the PBA’s favorite stops. Past winners have been Mike Scroggins, Chris Barnes, Paul Fleming, Lonnie Waliczek, Thomas Elborne, Nathan Bohr, Sean Swanson, Clint Dacy, Wes Malott and Robert Klann.

Many of our local amateurs have participated through the qualifiers and have done quite well. Local bowlers Sandi Charles, Josh Maxson, Pete Schirripa, and Keith Desmarais all made good showings over the years and this year shouldn’t be any different.

If you enjoy professional bowling and enjoy seeing your friends in competition, you don’t want to miss the Killeen Open Aug. 9-11.

Well, the fall league season for the senior bowlers has come to an end, and although some are planning on a summer league, I’m taking the summer off. Looking at the standing sheets for the senior leagues, has anyone had a better season than Jackie Harris? At Phantom Warrior, he rolled a 300 game and a 780 series and finished the season with a 217 average. At Bowlerama, he had a 300 and 793 series and finished the league with an average of 219. In addition, at Bowlerama he had five games over 275, five series over 700 and three over 750.

Looking at the leaderboard for the 2013 USBC Open, there are two Texas Teams near the top. Junior Team USA Support 1 from Mansfield is in second place of the regular team event with a score of 3,521. In third place, 12 pins back, is Leaf Lovers from Justin with 3,509.

The USBC Women’s Championship has Karin Ciesiolka in 38th place in the Diamond Division singles with a score of 695. She rolled games of 192-236-219.

The Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association is accepting advertisement for the upcoming annual yearbook.

A full page ad is $65. And a one-eighth page ad is $15. Those wishing to place an ad in the yearbook should contact Marquita Darland at marquita101@att.net.

The association will host the scratch Tournament of Champions on June 1 at Hallmark Lanes beginning at 1 p.m.

The proposed schedule and prize list can be found at www.bowlkilleenforthood.com

Lane certification will be conducted at Hallmark Lanes on June 22, at 8 a.m., Phantom Warrior will be June 23rd at 8 a.m., and Killeen Bowlerama on June 30 at 9 a.m.

Volunteers are needed for the certification, and anyone interested should contact Rod Kensinger at rllfamk@msn.com or 547-4864.

May 31 is the deadline for submission of association recognition awards for Hall of Fame, Bowler and Senior Bowler of the Year, Coach and Volunteer of the Year, Youth Bowlers of the Year, Special Olympian and the Merit Award.

All forms can be found at each center or at www.bowlkilleenforthood.com.

Summertime is a good time to clean out your bowling bag of last season’s junk, look at your equipment and stop in at your favorite pro shop to upgrade your equipment. If you are going to Reno, have your pro shop check your equipment to be sure you pass the USBC Open inspections, and last but not least, don’t forget your USBC card.

A few games of practice would probably help a lot of us, and I plan to get a few games in before I leave.

Bowlers wishing to practice on lanes set up with the USBC Open and Women’s Championship may do so in Reno on the ground floor of the National Bowling Stadium. The 900 Global Showcase Lanes will have Matt McNiel, a USBC-certified coach, stationed on the 10 custom-built 900 Global Showcase Lanes that will be available for practice, coaching and two new side tournaments.

The Showcase Lanes concept was introduced at the 2012 Open Championships in Baton Rouge, La., and allows bowlers the opportunity to experience the lane conditions they’ll be bowling on during their team events and develop their game plans, either as a team or individually.

After talking with some of our local bowlers who have already competed in Reno, we will need all the help we can get.

See you on the lanes.

Contact Don Wright at wrightdk@hot.rr.com.

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