On Oct. 27, 2012, Virginia (Ginger) Moore passed away. Moore was known by many in the Killeen area and around the world, and many wanted to pay their last respects. Honoring the wishes of the family, it decided to have a celebration of her life at the New Bethel Christian Worship Center at 1301 N. Eighth St. in Killeen on Saturday at 10 a.m. with Gary B. Jones Jr. officiating.

Born Jan. 28, 1925, Moore was an avid bowler who competed in Europe, Japan and Thailand and was well known throughout the United States, having competed in numerous tournaments throughout the states. She was inducted into the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association in 2000.

She was very active with her church and had many friends with whom she socialized.

She was interred next to her loving husband, George, at the Killeen Memorial Park.

Members of the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association, bowling friends and church members are invited.

This year has not started out well for me. First, I had bronchitis that started in December and hung on into January. Got over that and developed food poisoning. Both of those ailments kept me out of bowling and I felt like I was letting my teammates down. However, things seemed to get better, I got back bowling and, unfortunately while bowling at Phantom Warrior Lanes, I pulled a muscle in the top of my leg. I blame the approaches. I’m always afraid I will stick or slide too much and fall. It happened to me once and I have tried to modify my approach and it has hurt my leg and back. I always told everyone who complained about the approaches that it was in their head, but having struggled many times myself, I have to agree with them. Give me wood any time.

While I am complaining, I may as well discuss another issue that I dislike, and I have been approached by bowlers as if I could do something about it. The issue is smoking. Now before all the smokers start moaning and groaning, I respect your right to smoke. I just wish you would do it in designated areas, such as the lounge.

Several bowlers approached me last week complaining about the second-hand smoke. My response to them wasn’t what they wanted to hear, but I have no control over the issue. Bowlers need to take their complaints to the proprietor and the league officers. Suggest to the proprietors to have designated smoking areas away from the lanes. Curtail cigar use and recommend the league vote for a non-smoking league.

Hopefully the Texas legislators will vote for a smoke-free Texas.

Many of our local bowlers are competing in what is billed as “the largest gathering of retired and active-duty U.S. military personnel for a sporting event in the world.” Say hello to the Military Bowling Championships, the 2013 edition of which is ongoing at the Gold Coast and Orleans bowling centers from through Thursday. As of Jan. 8, the team entry count was at 217.

The PBA announced the 2012 regional award winners and in the Southwest Region, PBA Tour player Nathan Bohr, of Wichita, Kan., earned his fourth Player of the Year crown with the help of seven top-four finishes, which included four wins.  Sean Lavery-Spahr, of Denton, earned Rookie of the Year honors with three top-five finishes that included a second and third. A Senior Player of the Year title is not awarded in the Southwest Region.

AMF shuttered another Texas center, this time in San Antonio. The 45,000-square-foot edifice is being transformed into the Carmack Performing Arts Complex, to include two theaters, several studios, a restaurant, a bar and a dance apparel shop. Plans also call for two of the center’s lanes to be retained, possibly for use by private parties.

What do you do on your 98th birthday? Go league bowling with the Golden Girls. That’s what Mae Stephens did. At 98, she bowls weekly in the Oldtimers league at Phantom Warrior Lanes and can be seen practicing at other times.

Stephens is the oldest active bowler in the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association.

Others still competing are Paul Howard (91) in the Bowlerama Stars; Ruth Russell (91) and Alma Hennie (90) in Hallmark Lanes Primetimers.

See you on the lanes.

Contact Don Wright at wrightdk@hot.rr.com

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