Iwas hoping that I would have some good news from Reno, but looking at the leaderboards for both the men and women, the only local bowler making the top 150 is Karin Ciesiolka, who is currently in 98th place in the Diamond Division singles event with a score of 695.

Checking the men’s scores, they were pretty pathetic all the way around. However we still have a few weeks left for both tournaments and some women’s scores have not yet been posted, so my hopes are still up that we have some locals making a good showing.

Only a few more weeks before the Southwest Region PBA Killeen Open makes its stop at Hallmark Lanes. Hallmark has hosted two PBA qualifiers, with the first captured by Andrew Kirshner and the second dominated by Josh Maxson. There are three more qualifiers scheduled: June 29, July 13 and Aug. 3. Entry fee is $55, and bowling starts at 7 p.m.

Walter Ray Williams Jr., Pete Weber, Wayne Webb and Amleto Monacelli are new to the PBA50 Tour, formerly the Senior Tour, but they are making it known they came to win.

The Senior Tour was once the tour for bowlers who, for whatever reason, did not participate in the national tour. Many couldn’t get away from their jobs, were busy raising families, but once retired they decided to give the Senior Tour a try, and there were many good bowlers. However, along came the professional bowlers who recently turned 50 and made themselves available for the PBA50 Tour.

They have a lot going for them in so many ways. Most have been on the national tour 20 years or more, they have ball contracts, making the newest equipment on the market available to them, and more importantly, they still bowl the national tour, giving them far more tournaments and games of bowling against the best in the world, something the true senior bowler doesn’t have and probably couldn’t compete because of age and number of games.

Taking nothing away from the bowlers from the Senior Tour, there are many good ones who are very competitive; however, there is an old saying: “Old age and treachery always overcomes youth and skill.” Unfortunately that doesn’t hold water on the PBA50 Tour.

On the March night in 1958 that the Budweisers set the three-game team series record of 3,858 that would stand for 36 years, two 300 games were recorded — one in the second game by Tom Hennessey and one in the third game by Ray Bluth.

On June 8, bowling in the doubles event of the 22nd annual Southeast Bowling Association Handicap Tournament at Gold Cup Lanes in Warner Robins, Ga., three bowlers recorded 300s on the same pair in the same game.

Bill Vannoy finished his game first, while doubles partner Mitch Gibson matched him strike for strike in the 10th frame. Moments later, 77-year-old Henderson Collins punched out in his 10th frame to nail down the third perfecto.

And we think our lanes are easy.

Bowlers Journal International reported last week that Gary Hulsenberg and Leanne Barrette-Hulsenberg have joined Storm Products’ Sales and Marketing Departments. They have owned and operated The Strike Shop pro shop in Roseville, Calif., for three years, and will be relocating to Utah on July 8. Leanne, a USBC Hall of Famer and 27-time PWBA champion, will be joining Storm as its new marketing coordinator. Her responsibilities will be to manage Storm’s 85-plus sponsorship organizations, tournaments, and events across the U.S. Leanne also will coordinate Storm’s trade shows, Bowl Expo, Sales Meetings, MatchMakers, and Storm University events.

Gary is a former bowling manufacturer district manager and will be Storm’s new inside sales coordinator, where he will manage Storm and Roto Grip’s pro shop programs and specials, as well as Storm’s retail web store. Gary will also provide support to the sales team on the road, and assist them with additional communication to their pro shop customers.

Leanne, known by many as “Boomer,” rolled one of the most powerful balls on the Professional Women’s Bowling Association and continues to compete today.

See you on the lanes.        

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