I was on my way to Hallmark Lanes last Saturday to bowl in the Tournament of Champions, the final event of the scratch tournament, when I was met in the parking lot by a local bowler who told me how tough the shot is at the USBC Open in Reno.

It seems all of our local bowlers have had problems with the conditions, and the low scores being posted on Bowl.com seem to verify the stories I am hearing.

Several more local bowlers will be finding out this month as the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association rolls into Reno.

Optimism is the key word.


Summer leagues are well underway at all three centers, but if you are not interested in bowling league, there are many other events to satisfy your itch.

Killeen Bowlerama conducted its Jackpot tournament and had 25 entries the first night.

Hallmark Lanes had 20 bowlers competing in the PBA Qualifier hoping to win a spot on the Southwest Region PBA Killeen Open scheduled for August. Andrew Kirshner, a former Ellison High School bowler and University of North Texas student, captured first place with a plus-7 total, and the only bowler to be in the plus.

Hallmark also conducted the Tournament of Champions event completing the scratch tournament sponsored by the Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association.

The standings for the youth are:

Division 1 — First place, Caitlin Schirripa; Second place, Khayman Koop; Third place, Barrett Heidtbrint; Fourth place, Arvil Wade.

Division 2 — First place, Jessica Reed; Second place, Micheal Williams; Third place, Sierra Ciesiolka; Fourth place, Megan Wehmeier.

Dovision 3 — First place, Jason Bardales; Second place, Heath Fletcher; Third place, Robert Bigford; Fourth place, Chance Capinia.

Jason Bardales rolled a 770 during qualifying.

The adult tournament standings are:

Division 1 — First place, Josh Maxson; Second place, Eric Odette; Third place, Jim Maxson; Fourth place, Regie Criner.

Division 2 — First place, Don Wright; Second place, Kenneth Manning; Third place, Lisa Blackman; Fourth place, Glen Dewald.

Division 3 — First place, Sarah Ashe; Second place, Raven Ashe, Third place, Don Wollek; Fourth place, Vince Dodd.


There is an interesting article by Bob Johnson in Bowlers Journal this month entitled “A 900 Sure Ain’t What it Used to Be.” In it he discusses the proliferation of 900 scores for a three game series, Glenn Allison rolled the first 900 series in 1982, a feat that was not recognized by the ABC due to lane conditions. His record held for 14 years. Since that time there have been 24 ABC/USBC sanctioned/certified 900 series. A pair of 900s, an 899 and an 898 were rolled in a matter of 57 days.

Johnson wrote, “At that rate, before too long, the only way a 900 will be “news” is if it’s rolled by a left-handed transgendered female in a Sport Bowling – certified Team USA Experience League using the Mexico City pattern at a bowling center in Alaska. In August.”

These types of scores are not unique any more. I can remember when rolling a 300 game, or a 700 series caused other bowlers to stop bowling and become spectators. People gave lane courtesy to the individual attempting the “honor.” Now it seems many bowlers complain when they only roll a 600 series and have set the bar at 800 series.

I congratulate all the 300 bowlers and 700 and 800 series, but I question how it’s achieved. Are the bowlers of today that much better? Are our league bowlers 10 to 20 pins better in average than the average professional bowler? I think the answer to both questions is, no.

One only has to look at the averages, games and series being rolled by league bowlers at their favorite center and compare those results with the results they have at state and national events.

By today’s standards Glenn Allison should be recognized for his accomplishment. He did it the old fashioned way, “He earned it.”


The Killeen Open will have the best bowlers in the PBA Southwest Region. One of them will be Nathan Bohr who currently leads the point standings with 115,059. He is also third in earnings and 9th in average with a 225.

Bohr, an Austin native now residing in Wichita, Kan, came up through the youth program and now has a total earnings over the past 10-years of $320,906.33.


I hope you got your nominations I for the association’s achievement awards. The deadline was May 31. I had hoped to submit a nomination, but could not get enough information on the individual. It’s important that you maintain your own records in order to provide enough information for the award.

See you on the lane.

Contact Don Wright at wrightdk@hot.rr.com.

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