Is everyone as tired out with the bowl games as I am? Bring on baseball or bowling.

Bowling on television so far this year has been very dull. I miss the days of Guppy Troup, Ernie Schlegel and Marshall Holman, when bowling was entertaining.

Pete Weber is all that is left as far as entertainment is concerned. Granted, bowlers are not making the money they used to and maybe that’s why we have bowlers looking like they have their knickers in a wad. All we have now is watching Sean Rash balk a few times.

I watch bowling in hopes of some entertainment besides listening to Randy Pedersen talking about how someone goes out for a hamburger and came back with a steak and potatoes.

At least we have it.

What has happened to Walter Ray Williams Jr? He seems to have faded away. No titles during the World Series of Bowling. He’s listed on the 2014 League roster with the Brooklyn Styles, but it looks like he may be taking a break from the travel.

PBA Hall of Famers Steve Cook of Granite Bay, Calif., and Doug Kent of Newark, N.Y., have been elected to the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category.

Cook, 56, a 15-time PBA Tour champion, was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1993. His titles include the 1981 Tournament of Champions, 1983 Touring Players Championship and the 1986 U.S. Open. Kent, 46, owns 10 PBA titles including the 1991 and 2006 USBC Masters plus the 2002 and 2007 PBA World Championships.

The Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association Scratch Tournament is set for Saturday at 1 p.m. at Killeen Bowlerama. Entries close 15 minutes prior to squad time. Forms are available in each center and online at Entry Forms will be available at the tournament site as well. The cost is $30 per person. Brackets and high pots will be offered.

This tournament is also open to youth bowlers at a cost of $25 per person. Brackets will be offered, with the winnings going to the Bowler’s SMART Scholarship Fund.

Please see the tournament entry forms for complete rules and eligibility.

Deadline to apply for the Spider Bemis Scholarship is Feb. 12. Bowlers must be a member in good standing with our local association and the scholarship funds are available for 24 months after the scholarship is granted. Applications and requirements are available online and in each center’s book, or ask your youth director.

The last day to get entries in for the Youth Tournament to be held next month is Jan. 19. Entry forms are available at each center and online at the association web site. The first team entry is free, additional team entries are $12, as well doubles and singles entries being $12 per event. Handicap and scratch all-events are $2 and $3, respectively. Brackets will be offered with the winnings going to the SMART Scholarship Fund.

Opening ceremonies for the tournament will be Feb. 1 at Phantom Warrior Lanes prior to squad times.

For more information on coming events see and see the newsletter.

The PBA Tour moves across the Pacific for its traditional stop in Japan when ESPN airs the finals of the 27th Round1 Japan Cup from Tokyo’s Minami Suna Round1 Bowling Center on Sunday at noon.

PBA players advancing to the finals were 2011-12 PBA Player of the Year Rash, three-time Japan Cup champion Tommy Jones, 2003 winner Chris Barnes, Osku Palermaa and E.J. Tackett, who earned an entry into the tournament through a pro tour qualifier. They will join JPBA members Kazuaki Watanabe, Yuya Kotah and Shinichi Horie in the finals.

The Japan players will try to break a 25-year title drought. Only two Japanese players, Ken Taniguchi (inaugural event in 1985) and Takeo Sakai (1988) have won the Japan Cup.

Rash, Jones and Barnes were among 20 PBA players (16 based on points and four invited players) in the field. Other PBA players who qualified through points were Jason Belmonte, Pete Weber, Chris Loschetter, Wes Malott, Scott Norton, Bill O’Neill, Parker Bohn III, defending champion Mika Koivuniemi, Stuart Williams, Dan MacLelland, Jason Sterner, Mike Fagan and Norm Duke.

Koivuniemi, who defeated Japan’s Yoshihiro Kaji for his second Round1 Japan Cup title last December, was one of five multiple champions in a field that also included Bohn (a four-time winner), and two-time winners Weber, Amleto Monacelli and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

The four players invited by the Japan Cup organizing committee were Palermaa, Rhino Page, Williams Jr. and Monacelli.

See you on the lanes.

Don Wright has been sharing insights on area/national bowling with Herald readers for more than 25 years. Contact him at

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