The Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association is gearing up for two major tournaments to be held during March and April.

The Men’s and Women’s Tournament will be held on the weekends of March 2-3 and 9-10, with the team event at Phantom Warrior Lanes and the doubles and singles at Hallmark Lanes.

The Senior Mixed Tournament will be held on April 21 and the weekend of April 27-28. All competition will be held at Hallmark Lanes. This event is open to all bowlers age 55 and older.

Last year the entries were disappointing and the association is hoping to have a much better turnout this year.

Last year the Senior Mixed event was captured by the CT Alley Cats, consisting of Marilyn Fattor, Yvonne and Jerry Piechocki and Bob Chouinard.

The Men’s Tournament had two divisions, with Slugs capturing first place in Division 1. The team consisted of Robert Keating, Steve Deemer, William Nordness and Daniel Seymore.

Ageless Wonders won Division 2. The team consisted of Jerry Piechocki, Chouinard, Douglas Parker, Rod Kensinger and Jerry Wheeler.

In the Women’s Tournament, Hallmark Honey Do’s, with Kelly Atkinson, Owa Ciesiolka, Lisa Blackmon, Heather Cook and Karin Ciesiolka, won Division 1.

Division 2 saw BFBF’s #1 winning with the team of Liz Romero, Lorna Kensinger, Yvonne Piechocki, Linda Hamric and Cookie McNeil.


The Youth Banquet will be Saturday at 4 p.m. at VFW 9192. Youth Leaders will be conducting the awards banquet. Scholarships, random scholarships and tournament trophies will be distributed. Parents and bowlers are requested to bring finger food. Following the awards ceremony, Pete Schirripa will be the DJ providing karaoke for the youth bowlers.


Bowlers Journal is reporting the Board of Directors of the USBC and BPAA have merged the USBC and BPAA Youth Committees to create the unified International Bowling Campus Youth Committee.

“This change unifies our volunteers and business leaders in one voice for youth bowling by providing even more consistent direction and support than the IBC Youth Development Team,” said USBC Youth Committee Chair Frank Wilkinson.

The new IBC Youth Committee will have 15 members comprised of six representatives appointed by the USBC Board, six by the BPAA Board, and three athlete representatives.

“Coming together in support of our youth programs continues to be a hallmark accomplishment of the International Bowling Campus,” added BPAA President Cathy DeSocio. “Introducing more young people to bowling is a goal for all our industry leaders and this new committee sets the stage to streamline decision-making and improve programs.”

The initial IBC Youth Committee will be formed Aug. 1 with representatives from the current USBC and BPAA committees. Future applicants will be asked to submit credentials through a new IBC Youth Nominating Committee, which will present recommendations to the USBC and BPAA Boards of Directors for consideration.


Some thoughts from the Wright side:

I think it’s time our association purchased shirts with the logo on the back and the words “Greater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC Association” and only officers, directors, and association managers have them. It’s important that the association make themselves visible to all the bowlers and wear their shirts to let the bowlers know who their elected officials are.

Members of the association should conduct themselves with pride and represent us in a favorable manner. “Flipping off” the pins when you don’t strike or spare is an embarrassment to the association, and it makes you look rather foolish.

I would like some opinions on tournaments. Would you like to have more than one division? What would you like to see used for handicap? Should the handicap be the same for both the men and the women? Is 100 percent of 230 too high? Would you like to have a scratch division?

Email me with your thoughts and comments. I am just looking at how we can increase entries for our tournaments.

The USBC does not reward a bowler for picking up the Big-4 or 7-10 split. I have written USBC to try to get them to change that decision, but have not heard back from them. Our association manager has ordered, and has on hand, local association patches for anyone picking up either of those splits. Make sure your league secretary reports it to the association in a timely manner.

See you on the lanes.

Contact Don Wright at

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