The unofficial standings for the Youth Tournament are posted at and there was some excellent bowling being done by our youth athletes.

The standings in the team event are:


1) Glen CoCo, 3,081, Hallmark Lanes

2) Kalugdan’s Team, 2,864, Killeen Bowlerama

3) Dixon’s Team, 2,862, Hallmark Lanes

Division 2

1) All Stars, 3,053, Phantom Warrior Lanes

2) Jordan’s Groupies, 2,976, Hallmark Lanes

3) Gutter Monsters, 2,943, Phantom Warrior Lanes

Division 3

1) Kings & Queens, 2,998, Killeen Bowlerama

2) Mix Ups, 2,970, Phantom Warrior Lanes

3) Siblings Rule, 2,927, Phantom Warrior Lanes

Special Olympians

1) Tweety Bird Gals, 2,788, TCBA

2) The High Rollers, 2,773, TCBA

3) The Four Men, 2,728, TCBA

4) The Happy Bowlers, 2,715, TCBA

5) Kings And Queens, 2,606, TCBA

The following bowlers had a series of 600 or better: Jacob Reed (704, 642); Derek Brooks (700); Christian-Anthony Trinidad (672); Robert Bigford (669); Chance Capinia (621); Dakota Stutz (617) and Samantha Kriner (604).

The Youth Banquet will be Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. at the VFW 9192. The Spider Bemis Memorial Scholarship will be presented along with the city tournament awards. Bowlers are requested to bring finger foods to share with everyone attending.


Michael Whiteley informed me Special Olympics Texas held its annual Winter Games in Austin from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2. Killeen-Cove-Hood Phantoms, a Special Olympics Texas team, had 28 athletes compete in three events: singles; Unified Doubles and Unified Team. Unified events pair an athlete with a volunteer partner.

Sixteen bowlers competed in singles: Keith Adoue (first place); Cynthia Boneo (second), Roy Brown (sixth), Kyleigh Courtland (first), Isiah Doby (second), Debra Gregersen (first), Regina Haggard (third), Angela Heidler (first), Keith Lawson (fourth), Mike Mikell (first), Joel Moses (fifth), Justin Nelson (third), Michael Peterson (third), Christopher Pieper (first), Jose Toro (first) and Dick Whiteley (first).

Four pairs competed in Unified Doubles: Jessica Bearden and Mike Call (second place), Suzanne Brown and Quinten Goins (fifth), Wendy Dillon and Christine Goins (third) and LaShon Vaughn and Renee Call (second).

One team competed in Unified Team: John Kilpatrick, Robert Marley, Jerry Kilpatrick and Nadine Kott (third place).


Remember, March 9 at Hallmark Lanes will be your scratch tournament. It’s time for all the scratch bowlers to get the word out to your friends of the upcoming event.


Did you get to watch the PBA league bowling this past weekend? I was disappointed in the show. It just seemed very dull to me. Nobody showed any emotion. Walter Ray Williams Jr. acted like he would rather be someplace else. Sean Rash was Rash, who had to take a shot at Michael Haugen for missing a spare. The PBA needs to do better.


The host sites for the United States Bowling Congress Convention and Annual Meeting have been determined for 2015, 2016 and 2017. At the 2014 Convention in Reno, Nev., delegates will vote on 10 proposals involving changes to USBC bylaws, league rules and tournament rules.

The USBC Board of Directors approved Indianapolis as the site for the 2015 convention while Las Vegas will serve as host in 2016 and 2017. The convention in 2016 coincides with the opening of the new $30 million tournament facility at South Point Hotel and Casino that will be the site of the 2016 USBC Women’s Championships.

For the 2014 convention, delegates not only will elect four new board members but also will vote on 10 legislative proposals.

Several of the proposed amendments relate to USBC dues structures for state and local associations.

USBC members are required to submit written amendment proposals to adult league and tournament rules and bylaws to USBC by Sept. 1 for action by the delegates.

See you on the lanes.

Don Wright has been sharing insights on area/national bowling with Herald readers for more than 25 years. Contact him at

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