Away from any lights, the stars seem to triple in number. They’re closer to the earth, too, and shinier. When you’re outdoors, you also hear things you don’t hear at home, and once you’ve read “Under the Stars” by Dan White, you’ll wonder why you don’t go camping more often.

You never have to darn your socks. That was a weekly chore for Grandma but when you have holes in your socks, you go buy new ones. You don’t have to settle for just three channels on TV, either, or just one local grocer, but in the new book “Dimestore” by Lee Smith, you can read about someon…

You are a chip off the ol’ block. Like father, like son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You’re just like your dad. That’s often how it goes in families, and in the new book “The Golden Lad” by Eric Burns, it happens in famous, historic families, too.

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