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It will not make any difference how the public feels...Congress is totally oblivious of the will of the people.


I think there is something wrong with us protecting this man when everyone knows he did it, unless they are taking every precaution to make sure he does not get away with it on a technicality. I also believe he should get the firing squad for what he has done. But this question is almost a trick question by putting the word "not" in there, you have to stop and think before you answer it. If you you read it fast you might think it says "do you think the victims should get the Purple Heart?" Also I don't know what the qualifcations for getting the Purple Heart is.


If I agreed with the DOD -I would be agreeing with what I think is a lie. That maj. Hasan is not what he himself stated he was on the day of his murdering the 14 (including the unborn baby) and wounding so many others. A terrorist.

He shouted out himself,who he was there to represent with his ;
Allahu Akbar - an exclamation used in the call to prayer and also used as a call to the defense of Muslims,
The DOD is stating their reasoning for their decision against awarding the Purple Heart to those dead or wounded , is to protect the rights of the accused during trial.

That may be all and good if an accused were not known to be 100% guilty as sin and why the killings were done.

But it is a a proven fact and there are too many witness that know otherwise,plus a statement from a General of the post.

--- Lt. Gen. Robert Cone said that suspected shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, yelled out the Arabic for "God is great!"---

No one does what the maj. did unless its for a cause they believe deeply in.
Of course the man is a terrorist ,or he thought he was, the day he showed up to murder ones who he considered an enemy of an organization who his loyalty had been awarded to.
I believe he was even prepared to die that day for his cause,but,that was not to be his end.

How the decision can have been made to protect the killer of so many U.S. military to me is a disrespect toward the dead and to the ones left wounded by the accused.
This is stating to the military members who were involved in getting shot at on Nov 5th 2009, and at other times, have been in the field against people exactly like maj. Hasan, that they don't recognize a terrorist when he's in the room with them shouting and shooting at them.

If he is allowed to walk away ,we will have to think ,the man has friends in the highest of places.
There is no other reasoning a sane person could accept.

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