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I believe this, if anyone thinks Gonzales should be fired then the question has to be raised as to whether the city manager needs to be fired as well. Although we have read and heard about the accusations against Gonzales, we have to bring in the question of our City Mgrs integrity as well. She has documentation from the external auditors backing her claims of misuse of funds by him as well as other accusations. The giving of the Public Relations lady (Shine) a $10k raise and ("retro-pay" for 6 mos.(illegal by Texas law)) without an initial city council approval. Now, the audit was presented before the council but questions arose to the present audit reports facts. In other words, were things purposefully left out.
I am in no way trying to be biased, if Gonzales actually did what they said she did and there was no other motive behind her termination then, so be it but, at the same time, if her accusations against him hold any water as well, then the city council may find itself advising him to look for another job as well. That is if, the Mayor, who has made it over and abundantly clear that he supports the CM %100, persuades the council in the opposite direction. In closing I will say this, no matter which way this thing goes, talks of another recall are already floating throughout the streets. Hmmm, I just thought about the comments of a gentlemen interviewed by the newspaper on the first day of early voting, "I thought it was interesting that 7 specific amendment changes on the ballot were in direct relation to recalls. That begs to ask the question - does the man who was heavily and publicly against the recall(Mayor) trying to do something to make the possiblity of another one more difficult? Just a side thought.

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