Easter has arrived, bringing with it the traditional burst of springtime colors.

From the multihued eggs and jelly beans in children’s baskets to the pastels worn by churchgoers at worship services this morning, Easter’s colors are on display.

Though spring officially arrived more than a week ago, the vibrant hues of Easter have come to represent the annual emergence of life following the dreary days of winter.

Similarly, for Christians, the brilliance of Easter represents the promise of eternal life — a promise fulfilled through Christ’s triumphant Resurrection from the tomb almost 2,000 years ago, and celebrated again today in churches and homes throughout the world.

Because Easter arrived early this year — a function of the liturgical calendar — spring is not yet in its full splendor. Many lawns are just beginning to green up, flowers are only now starting to blossom and some trees have yet to produce leaves.

Still, we can be confident that eventually the warm sunlight of spring will bring forth new life across the Central Texas landscape.

Similarly, Christians can be confident in the knowledge that every year the light of Easter will overcome the darkness and sorrow of Good Friday — the observance of Jesus’ death on the cross.

For believers, that bright, pure light, symbolized by the beautiful white Easter lilies seen on the altars of churches across the nation today, shines in the darkness of a sinful world, illuminating the path to salvation.

The light of Easter has the power to encourage, to offer hope and bring believers’ lives into full spiritual flower.

In so many ways, today is truly a celebration of life — the myriad blessings of our daily lives, the annual renewal of life all around us and for millions around the world, the fulfilled promise of life eternal.

And what a joyous, colorful celebration it should be.

Happy Easter.

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