Easter is a celebration of light and life.

As the defining holiday of spring, it officially marks the changing of seasons, the transition out of winter and the renewal of life.

For Christians, this holiest of holidays embodies the promise of salvation, fulfilled through Jesus’ Resurrection. To believers, Christ’s triumph over sin and death offer powerful assurance that God’s love is unyielding and eternal.

On Easter, the light of the Risen Christ finds its way into every corner of the world, erasing the darkness of a sinful world and bringing hope to millions.

That light and that hope are more welcome than ever this year to many in our community.

In the wake of this month’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood that took the lives of several of our service members, our community continues to grasp for answers amid the shock and grief.

But Easter’s arrival reminds us that just as the solemn darkness of Good Friday is soon overcome by the bright light of hope and salvation, the sadness surrounding our community will also be lifted through God’s immeasurable love.

This has been a difficult spring in many ways. Unexpectedly cold weather shriveled plants and stunted budding trees. Lawns remained dormant and many branches remained barren well into March. But with recent rains and abundant sunshine, trees are leafing again, plants have rebounded with vigor and wildflowers are in full bloom.

In the end, the promise of spring was fulfilled.

Likewise, Easter’s promise of spiritual renewal and rebirth is fulfilled each year, without fail — as it has been for nearly 2,000 years.

The light and life of God’s love have prevailed once again.

And that’s certainly worth celebrating.

Happy Easter.

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