To the Editor:

I recently read a statement by one of the current City Council candidates citing corruption in city government and local builders and developers.

I take exception with that remark, as I served the City of Killeen in numerous committee or Council positions for over 21 years without compensation other than the $90 or so that Council Members receive quarterly.

I was never offered money in exchange for a decision and I know of only one council member to hint at such a request; it was not honored.

I have lived in Killeen 47 years. My family and I came here when there was a housing shortage. Folks were going door to door where they saw a moving van asking if you’re coming or going.

With the help of Jack Cloud (Cloud Real Estate), I found a house; but we had to wait two weeks to move in; my guest house reservation was expiring. Jack put my family up in a manufactured home (not furnished) out near Stillhouse Lake.

When I went in to pay the two weeks rent, Jack refused payment. That is how local businessmen in Killeen have ripped off soldiers! I don’t consider that I have ever gotten a raw deal or was cheated by a local business person.

I have appraised real estate in Killeen for 30 years. At one time, I appraised every new subdivision in town. I can tell you that local developers have made at least a dozen Killeen property owners millionaires overnight. These deals were made between a willing buyer and a willing seller with the land owner having the upper hand.

I’ll agree the council has made some questionable decisions, but those decisions were believed to be in the best interest of the community.

I made my share.

Larry Cole


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I do believe, as I have heard and about and studied independently, the the Municipal Utilities District was one of those "questionable" choices.

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