Easter’s arrival represents a promise fulfilled — for Christians and non-Christians alike.

In both the secular and religious celebrations of this springtime holiday, the symbolism of hope abounds.

The flowering plants, leafing trees and greened-up grass that have been in abundance across Central Texas are reminders that life is renewed after each winter season without fail.

That alone is reason for optimism.

But for Christians, this holiest of holidays symbolizes the promise of salvation, fulfilled through Jesus’ triumph over sin and death — a powerful affirmation that God’s love is both constant and eternal.

Arguably, the hope embodied in Easter is needed more than ever this year.

With our nation divided by the caustic political rhetoric of the current political season, we need the hope of Easter to shine through the discord.

For the victims’ family members who attended the recent Fort Hood memorial dedication, and are still grieved by the tragic shooting more than five years ago, we need the hope of Easter to bring them comfort and peace.

For those who continue to struggle with economic hardships, we need the hope of Easter to inspire encouragement.

Certainly, we can count on that hope — in all areas where it’s needed.

Easter’s promise of spiritual renewal and rebirth is fulfilled each year, without fail — as it has been for nearly 2,000 years.

That’s a promise we can count on, not just every spring, but every day — no matter what’s going in the world around us.

Happy Easter.

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