To the Editor:

To write a letter to a newspaper that is reasonably honest and believable, one cardinal rule when citing statistics is to name a source that is committed to conveying some substantial amount of truth that is credible.

It is one thing to show an overwhelming political bias to “the right” or to “the left;” it is entirely quite another to show an unbiased point of view.

To consciously break that cardinal rule is to make the letter essentially suspect

Besides, in our claim to be a Christian nation committed to the truths of the Bible, it is somewhat alarming that very little is done about the insistence of the prophets Amos and Micah that justice should flow like a living stream, and to practice love and mercy as we walk humbly with God.

By and large, we must be Christian even in our politics, or we are not at all!

B.B. Mequi


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