To the Editor:

Who is Kermit Gosnell?

He’s the opposite of Ashley Coffey, who spent 123 days in the hospital with her prematurely born son Levi, who was born just 24 weeks after conception (See the Killeen Daily Herald May 12 article).

You see, Ashley Coffey, Levi’s mother, believed in life, unlike Kermit Gosnell, who killed babies by snipping their spinal cords after they were inadvertently born alive at 24 weeks and older during botched late-term abortions.

The media reported very little on the murder trial in which jurors deliberated for 10 days. Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder of three babies and involuntary manslaughter of a mother through his slip-shod “medical practice.”

The abortion industry, says Gosnell, is an anomaly, someone on the fringe, and they do not subscribe to Gosnell’s practices.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said “He is not an outlier. You just have to do a Google search and you’ll find in the last several months many other examples” (of rogue abortion providers).

The truth is, Gosnell is a monster allowed to practice as he pleased under our current abortion laws.

Edmund Burke is most famously noted for the popular saying, “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

There are not very many good men or women out there expressing their outrage with the fact that a doctor in a so-called legal practice can bend the law and murder defenseless babies after they are born alive.

Perhaps they don’t know about it due to lack of media coverage.

Let’s stop the practice of killing babies before or after birth, because the truth is, life begins at conception.

The argument that the pro-choice crowd uses is the pre-born are not able to live on their own (viable); therefore, abortion is OK. Ashley Coffey and her son Levi proved that with care, a 24-week-old baby is able to live after a premature birth.

And by the way, if so-called viability is the barometer, at what age is a baby able to take care of him/herself? 2 years? 5 years?

I guess using the viability argument, perhaps children under 5 years of age could not live without care, so maybe we can kill them up to 5?

What about the elderly? When do they become non-viable?

I hope when I get to the point of not being able to take care of myself, my doctor is not of the same mind as Kermit Gosnell and more like Ashley Coffey.

Dennis DeWine

Central Texas Voices for Life

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Majority of abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods. The Democratic Party has been trying keeping minorities down since the Civil War. They were against the Civil Rights bill Dr. King was not a Democrat. They used to hang black people on trees in the Democratic South well they can’t do that anymore so they kill them in the womb! Which party is the biggest support of abortion but they call it reproductive rights—the Democratic Party. They should change their name to Party of Death.


@ The abortion industry, says Gosnell, is an anomaly, someone on the fringe,

Am I willing to believe an industry that believes in killing helpless babies ?

Through out the county's history, we've been made aware of 'cold blooded killers' ,who kill for the pleasure they receive from doing so.
I believe there's a chance this 'doctor' may have been another one of those who not only liked to kill but he was even well paid to do so.
He had a ready access of victims in the babies their mothers brought to him, inside their own bodies, for him to eliminate, when they decided they didn't want them for whatever reason.

The evil animal, Dr. Gosnell, has been spared his own life, he had a lawyer being paid thousands of dollars to do the dirty work of protecting it

Too bad the women who decided to do what it requires to make a baby, to start its own life, wasn't willing to keep her child from suffering a horrible ending to that God Given Life, by protecting it from this Dr. Gosnell.

There are many law suits ongoing against this doctor at this time, filed by the women who ask the doctor for his services, to help them end their babies life.
I imagine their own lawyers will use their reasoning, as how the babies were allowed to suffer and die.
But why should the mothers benefit from a law suit ? They went to this man to have the baby destroyed, no mater how the baby died, its life was still going to be taken by the doctor, with the mothers assistance by asking him and allowing him to kill it.The baby still suffered as it was killed in whatever manner.

The doctor didn't go looking for the mothers,They came to this monster willingly. They had abortion money in hand,.they knew what was going to happen. The baby was going to die

The mothers even had to pay extra for anesthetic to lessen their own pain during the procedure, they must not have given any thought, to how the baby would feel pain no matter in what method it had to die during the abortion.

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