To the Editor:

At a time of the history of this world when there’s so many devices for women and men to prevent a pregnancy, our esteemed Supreme Court and others have made abortion legal.

On such a decisive decision we the people weren’t even given a vote.

Partial-birth abortion is still performed — that is when the baby is almost ready to be born.

How can we expect God to bless the United States of America when we adhere to such an abomination as legal abortions?

I realize in times past abortions were going on behind closed doors, but that doesn’t make it right for our nation to legalize such an act.

A.H. McFarland

Copperas Cove

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Abortion should be made legal as the alternative options doesn't works if duration increased to one or more then one month.

Dr Strangelove

Yes Pete what’s your solution? Kill the poor (baby) just like Nazis wake up get off the kool-aid you liberals defy logic that you get from all four networks plus MSNBC.

It was Union propaganda that you listen too. It was Unions that sent American jobs overseas get your facts right.


Texas healthcare laws are great for the unborn. It is only after birth that the little ones have to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps".

Yes Tom, these conservatives defy logic and instead stick to the "party lines" provided by Fox and their tea party leaders.

Where are the jobs (that pay enough to feed, clothe, house and provide healthcare?) tea partiers? Are they in that dividend check and stock price increase you get from the multi-national corporation that sent living wage jobs overseas? Yep that's probably where all these "lazy" peoples' (who look for handouts) bootstraps went.

Dr Strangelove

Yeah Tomintexas and I’ve heard your argument a thousand times and people like you your only solution is to kill the baby. We are not against government programs to feed the poor we are against tax dollars going to kill babies. Another thing the pro-death crowd doesn’t like to talk about is the majority of abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods; why is that Tom? The Democrats in the South used to lynch black people on trees the modern Democrats kill them in the womb.

All the teens and out of wedlock births happening today was predicted in the 1960’s when the birth control pill (majority of them are abortants) became legal. Look at the writings of Pope Paul VI he said that all this would happen.


AMEN! It is a heinous act especially partial birth techniques. One only need to do a search on the web for partial birth abortion, read, see illustrations, graphics - it will turn your stomach. Yet, the hypocrisy the US shows is unbelievable when officials go abroad the world to other nations preaching about 'human rights' - some argue "well it is a fetus," but the original translation of that word is what it is - a living being.


Yes, there are multiple methods of birth control; however, all are either inconvenient, relatively ineffective, or so expensive that many lower income folks cannot afford them. It seems strange that the most vocal opponents of insured coverage of efficient methods of control as well as preventative sexual education are often absolute anti-abortionists and critics of federal and state programs for infants and expectant mothers. Logically, it would seem that if someone was adamant about getting those babies here, they would not be against programs to feed and protect the health of the innocent and/or less fortunate.

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