To the Editor:

According to the interim agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program that was reached last weekend in Geneva, not one centrifuge will be destroyed. Not one pound of enriched uranium will leave Iran. Not one American unjustly detained in Iran’s notorious prisons will be released.

But Iran will start to receive, in a matter of days, $7 billion in relief from international economics sanctions. Those measures should solve the Iran nuclear problem nicely.

Next, the immigration reform, which is no big deal; simply make them all citizens and sign them up for public assistance and try to get them on “Obamacare.”

Our government has “fixed” so much with so little effort, or thought, it makes you wonder why it wasn’t done before.

We fixed the auto industry by buying it with private funds stolen from the American taxpayers.

We ruined an American enterprise: used car industry, by paying cash for clunkers with stolen funds, and we subsidized crooked and phony green industry programs with ... wait for it: funds stolen from taxpayers.

It can only get better or worse depending on which way you lean, so this opinion is neither negative or positive, nor is it about one person or political party.

However, it is an observation of documented facts recently complicated by the Senate decision to remove the filibuster option as a protest to actions by the majority. 

The Democrats when in the minority, made powerful arguments against such actions let by: wait for it ... Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Logical thinking voters still have some say in whether they support such buffoonery, and when the mid-terms come, should throw the bums out.

American values, religion, family, self reliance, honest work, and pride in our country have been trampled on, but like the legendary Phoenix, will rise again.

Don Fender


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Not wanting to be skeptical but looking at what happened in history during this admin, there was shock when the Chief Justice changed his opinion of obamacare. He changed his view and said it was a tax and the Fed can enforce it across state lines. Now its called a penalty, if one does not sign up...go figure. It use to be that a person would go to jail if they did not pay their Federal taxes. The story was buried in the news (or blog that might be true), that the second time out of public view that when the President took his oath, he did so with Chief Roberts. It came out on the blogs, that it was in the behind the scene script, that the President had the opportunity & wanted something from Roberts (his vote for obamacare) and at that opportunity, that it was made known that Roberts adopted two children from Ireland were adopted outside of the country, which is against the law in Ireland...making that adoption illegal. For many believe it was the extortion used toward Roberts that made him change his view. If that international law was enforced, Roberts would have loss his adoption of the two children. Now, as wild as it sounds, conspiracy talk or not,
I am not surprised at anything this admin will try and get away with. All from the rule book of Chicago thuggery.



You brought up a good point when you mentioned the Roberts adoption of not only 1 but 2 children from Ireland, where even 1 is very hard to adopt Unless you meet very strict standards,(even being a SCJ does not mean you would necessarily meet those requirements and or requirements.
The Roberts children were both adopted in 2005,they weren't related and were approximately 9 months apart in age.

I remember Obama's swearing in during his 1st term ,Roberts did it in public view and then again the second day unobserved by the public. It was stated Roberts had either stumbled over words or omitted words and to make certain it was a legal Oath, Obama wanted it done again ..Anyway that's what we the people were told.

As you stated I too am not surprised at any thing this admin. would do. Even if it amounted to something under the 1st degree heading.

Reading up on the relationship in the past and present, between Obama and Roberts, It is not on Roberts side, and more then likely on Obama's also, the warmest relationship. So why would Roberts do what he did and help Obama out by signing off on his Obamacare ? Unless there was a reason used by the Admin. that could cause Roberts a problem.

Below are (only a part) of the Adoption Laws of Ireland.

Ireland is not party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention). Therefore, when the Hague Adoption Convention entered into force for the United States on April 1, 2008, intercountry adoption processing for Ireland did not change. (Note: Ireland signed the Hague Adoption Convention but has not yet concluded legislation to facilitate its ratification.)

Ireland is not considered a country of origin in intercountry adoption. There are few children eligible for adoption in Ireland, with a long waiting list of Irish prospective adoptive parents. Most intercountry adoptions in Ireland are by legal residents of Ireland who adopt in third countries.

Only four Irish orphans have received U.S. immigrant visas in the past five fiscal years. The information provided is intended primarily to assist in rare adoption cases from Ireland, including adoptions of Irish children by relatives in the United States, as well as adoptions from third countries by Americans living in Ireland.


To bring an adopted child to United States from Ireland, you must be found eligible to adopt by the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government agency responsible for making this determination is the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Learn more.

In addition to these U.S. requirements for prospective adoptive parents, Ireland also has the following requirements for prospective adoptive parents:

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: You must be ordinarily resident in Ireland and must have resided in Ireland for at least one year before the date of the making of the Adoption Order.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: There is also a minimum age limit for adoption. You must be at least 21 years of age if the child is not a relative. If the child is to be adopted by the natural father or mother, or a relative of the child, only one of you must have attained the age of 21.

MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: In order to be eligible to adopt you must fall into one of the following categories:

You are a married couple living together. This is the only circumstance where the law permits the adoption of a child by more than one person;

You are a married person living alone. In this circumstance the spouse's consent to the adoption must be obtained, unless they are living apart and are separated under (i) a court decree, (ii) a deed of separation, (iii) the spouse has deserted the prospective adopter or (iv) conduct on the part of the spouse results in the prospective adopter, with just cause, leaving the spouse and living apart;

You are the mother, father or a relative of the child (relative meaning a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt of the child and/or the spouse of any such person, the relationship to the child being traced through the mother or the father);

You are a widow/widower;

You are a sole applicant not covered in any of the categories above where the Adoption Board is satisfied that, in the particular circumstances of the case, it is desirable to grant an order.

RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENTS: If the adopting parents, child and birth parent(s) are not all of the same religion, the birth parent(s) must know the religion (if any) of each of the adopting parents when giving consent to the child’s adoption. The identity of the adoptive parents need not be disclosed to the biological parents, merely their religious preference.

SUITABILITY: Suitability assessments may only be carried out by a Health Board or Registered Adoption Society. Your suitability will be assessed with regard to the following standards:

The capacity to safeguard the child throughout his or her childhood;

The capacity to provide the child with family life that will promote his or her development and well being and have due regard to the physical, emotional, social, health, educational, cultural, spiritual and other dimensions. The resources that families can draw on will vary from family to family and may change over time. Whatever circumstances the family finds itself in, the applicant/s will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of maintaining an on-going and meaningful relationship with their child;

The capacity to provide an environment where the child's original nationality, race, culture, language and religion will be valued and appropriately promoted throughout childhood. This will include the capacity of the parent/s to recognize the differences between themselves and their child within these areas and to recognize and try to combat racism and other institutional and personal oppressive forces within society;

The capacity to recognize and understand the impact of being an adopted child from an overseas country on the development of the child's identity throughout his or her childhood and beyond;

The capacity to recognize the need for and to arrange for appropriate support and intervention from health, social services, educational, and other services throughout childhood.


I have heard reports the the only staff member of Obama Staff to have full Secret Service proaction the Jarrett women whom is reported to be a Iranian. .
And if that is the case it could help explain Obama actions. So the MOSAD should demand she be send to Israeli to be water boarded to find out what other information has Obama gave Iran.
Note reports from a Arab new source in Arabic is that Obama want to visit Iran. taking that Jarrett women with him.


jarrett is a dangerous woman, as is huma abedin, aide to hillary clinton, for their well-established terrorist ties.

jarrett was born to American parents in Iran, and raised there for some time. her obvious affection for Iran has led her to betray the American people.


Trouble is when are the people of the United States going to wake up to the fact we are being destroyed from within.[sad][sad]


You hit the nail on the head . but it is not only Obama and the commie Democrats but also our Supreme Court whom ruled that we are to be slaves and controlled for health reason by the Government . via the IRS

It is pass time or the GOP to address the Supreme Court betraying the USA but because the Chief justice is a conservative ( perhaps a right wing commie) the GOP refuse to address the betrayal of the Supreme Court to both we the people and the US Constitution.

Dr Strangelove

If you like you nukes, you can keep your nukes. Man what a bunch of idiots we have in D.C. [censored]


Yes and it appears the GOP is going to let Obama make a fool of both the USA and Israelis , But our best hope is the Israelis will when as Arab news reports say Obama is going to Iran . So that would be a good chance for Israelis to help both our nations by flying a drone up Obama Rear.


liberals are incompetent, at best.

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