To the Editor:

The sequestration protest outside the main gate this week showed the true character of the American Federation of Government Employees union mindset; blame the Republicans.

There were signs calling to put Representative John Carter on unemployment, but none suggesting the same treatment for Democrats who supported the Budget Control Act of 2011.

And it would not have become law without the signature of our Democrat president.

The president now blames the Republicans for the “draconian measures” required in the sequester, but if it was such a bad idea to begin with why did he sign it into law in the first place?

Leaked emails have already shown that it is the administration’s intent to make cuts that will cause the most pain in hopes of causing outrage and then pass the blame on to the opposition party.

Apparently there are not enough funds to allow for continued public tours of the White House for anybody other than major campaign donors but there are enough available to continue funding studies to determine why lesbians tend to be overweight and drink excessively.

There is not enough money to continue tuition assistance for our soldiers, but there is enough money to give education aid to Pakistan.

Food inspectors are to be furloughed while the government continues a food stamp information program in Mexico.

All budgets have areas that can and should be trimmed. It is time to prioritize where cuts need to be made for efficiency, not to score political points.

Peter Clark


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Our communities are losing tens of millions of dollars due to misguided federal fiscal policies, and the worst is yet to come. Fort Hood's civilian employee pay has been frozen for three years. As a result, area businesses are losing approximately $35.8 million in consumer activity, all due to the GOP’s insistence on fiscal austerity and smaller government.
Conservatives continue to push for massive budget cuts despite the research on which they base their policies, the 90% debt to GDP threshold, having been debunked. The Fort Hood Area serves as a prime example of how efficient government spending enhances economic activity. Investments made in the infrastructure and services on Fort Hood helped make our local economy one of the most robust in the nation, however, Congress has put the brakes on our progress.
In addition to the aforementioned $35.8 million, $31.5 million could be lost during a planned 14 days employee furlough. But the cuts don't stop there. Past budget cuts have cut Fort Hood's civilian workforce. Hiring freezes are in place, hundreds of positions were eliminated, and a recently announced Reduction in Force (RIF) could eliminate over 200 more jobs. Those fiscal austerity measures will likely cost our economy approximately $1 billion and thousands of jobs over the next decade. Although the federal government is deep in debt, spending can be controlled without wiping out our economic progress.
With pay freezes and changes in retirement pensions, federal civilian workers already contributed $103 billion toward deficit reduction. And while Fort Hood workers gave up $11.7 million to bring down spending in 2011, over 1,400 American millionaires paid NO income tax. Congress must correct that imbalance.
Fort Hood civilian employees help make our community a great place to live. We urge all of you to join us in getting Congress do the job we elected them to do - pass budgets and legislation that help our local economy grow while preserving vital government services.

Dr Strangelove

Mr. Clark so true it isn’t like the days when I was a kid when we only had three networks; now with the net we can see their lies. We all know unions are in the DNC’s back pocket. Talking to most people that work outside of Fort Hood they don’t have sympathy for these workers; especially after during Clinton’s time when there was a government shut-down and all those workers sat at home still being paid full time. To all you union flunkies that voted for Obama HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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