To the Editor:

I, like Ms. (Patricia Muldrow) Roberts (Letters, June 1), believe all life is important and certainly worthy of media coverage but the sad reality is that there is not enough coverage about the horrible evil of abortion.

Yes, it is a legal choice but that doesn’t make it safe or a choice that is good, especially for the baby.

There is nothing compassionate about this choice.

A purely innocent, defenseless little person is either sucked out in pieces, burned to death by a saline solution, or stabbed in the neck or worse with scissors in a partial birth method.

They have no voice and certainly no choice.

Many women suffer terribly from this choice, and terminating the life of another human being is not a political issue but a human rights issue.

Those who are pro life honor and pray for all life from the womb to the tomb and we would love to have more media coverage to educate the world about ways that help women and families make life affirming, loving choices that bless everyone.

We mourn the loss of over 54 million souls who will never experience the freedom of speech, celebrate a birthday, graduate from school, have babies of their own and just enjoy the gift of life.

Linda Busti

San Antonio

(formerly of Killeen)

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