To the Editor:

“Be afraid, be very afraid.” Those words from the movie, “The Fly,” should be the watchword of every American citizen.

The current so-called government scandals are indicative of a government assault on liberty in general, and the American citizens in particular.

The Benghazi tragedy, and the “fast and furious” gun running debacle are examples of incompetence, whereas the IRS investigation and harassment of opposition groups is intentional criminal activity of a government agency to oppress the will of citizens. The search and seizure of news reporters’ records is an outright disregard for constitutional rights. While watching the sham hearings pretending to get to the root of the ever expanding problems, I was reminded of the TV series “COPS.” The culprits holding drugs or ill-gotten loot always proclaim innocence, saying, “That’s not mine.”

The Democrats on the committee heaped praise on the persons being questioned as if they were there to receive an award. This behavior is only noteworthy because it is happening here, not some third world dictatorship.

Now, before someone leaps to defend the president, let me say up front, he is innocent. I surmise his innocence because he remains blissfully unaware of any of the aforementioned breaches in good order and government.

He has said that he, the secretary of state, the attorney general and the chief of the IRS have no knowledge of any breech of unbiased governance, or critical decision making that ran guns, failed to protect our embassy staff, conducted illegal audits, and suppressed free speech.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Don Fender


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Mamma Griz

The biggest thing to be afraid of is CONGRESS. Especially those who didn't provide the security for the embassies. It takes MONEY, and when congress doesn't fund security the fault lies with THEM.

Now CONGRESS wants to withhold disaster funding. Oh sure, they will fund it-- but the senior citizens have to starve to death or get sick and die of their illness. I may be a senior citizen, but I'm worth a lot more than some of the congressmen. As to who, I will not say-- that way I cannot be arrested for what I'm thinking.


Americans are learning, sadly, far too late, that which I have known since 2007-that obama and his friends are incompetent failures. That obama and his friends are unqualified and unfit for positions of trust and confidence.

I predicted that obama and his friends would use their power to gain more power, for its own sake, that they would shove their "progressive" agenda down our throats, and would use their positions to advance their agenda through any means necessary, including deceit, lies, trickery, lack of ethics. I was right.

I predicted that obama and his friends would eventually demonstrate that they are simply not up to governance as they lack leadership skills, integrity, honor, intellect, and basic decency. I was right.

I did not predict that the failure of this regime at every level would result in the needless loss of American lives-but that has come to pass.

Sadly, many of the liberals in Massachusetts who voted for and support obama and his cabal of morons were standing there when obama's failure blew their limbs off.

When do we impeach this imposter and start over?


We need to make the Chicago thugs whom work for Obama and not we the people Afraid of us .
We also need to build a fire under our Supreme Court whom betrayed we the People and the US Constitution by ruling that we are to be slaves to both Obama Care and the IRS..
In short we need a TEA PARTY branch here in Central Texas and put pressure on John Carter to send the message to the GOP to stop making talking points but to make Rear kicking points. like canceling the gov insurance of all the Obama Thugs and seize all their income and deport the SOB to Mexico wearing DEA T shirts .

We need to demand Congress impeach the Supreme Court for ruling we must be slaves to Obama Care and the IRS..
So far the GOP has ignored the sins of the Supreme Court and we need to bring that to the attention of the media and demand that the SC either re do its ruling or be put on the Guillotine . And their heads sold as bowling balls to help pay off the National debt.

And Instead of waiting for 2016 for the Democrats to redo their hair in the image of Hillary.. We need to nominate for President in 2014 Judge Jeanie Pico .
She as a Judge will know how to fix the SC sins and she unlike the GOP or Hillary can restore back our freedoms and to punish the Obama thugs.

To gain support and influence we need the Tea Party of Central Texas to recruit blacks . We are lucking in the fact that most of the blacks among us are not from Chicago . but most are like our man RGIII good Christian folks ( and as we know Obama hates Christians)
we need to work together to stop this bulling from the Chicago thugs and demand that Obama and his thugs be kicked out of the White House just as he kicked our children out of the WH .We need to start a movement to kick him and his thugs out of the WH.


They have no knowledge? Isn't he the President? Shouldn't he be in charge and find out what is going on, instead of just smiling, and saying I didn't know about it, he should be out in front of the investigation. Everything that is going on I can't believe there is nothing we can do about it, you know if it was one of us we would be arrested and in jail or at least fired with out any compensation.


@ He has said that he, the secretary of state, the attorney general and the chief of the IRS have no knowledge of any breech of unbiased governance, or critical decision making that ran guns, failed to protect our embassy staff, conducted illegal audits, and suppressed free speech.

I think the above might be the description of someone, who can't see the forest for the trees.
But am I really to believe that ? I say No .

These are mostly fancy dancy law school graduates ,there's no way that none of these people can't see the truth especially, if some of them (or possibly all of them ) have been involved in all of the above.

I would be willing to believe ,they have.

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