To the Editor:

RE: The Dec. 1 letter to the editor from PETA concerning Killeen shelter’s TNR program.

The Animal Services Audit of Nov. 18 prepared by Mathew Grady is the best document out there to assess the Killeen shelter.

Here in Central Texas, Killeen is the only city with a feral cat program. We have citizens all over Killeen who manage feral cats. Some of these people have the proper permits, some do not.

I have been doing TNR (trap, neuter and release) for 25 years. As the assessment states, the city has relatively little to show for its efforts. This is going to change in the future when we get the shelter out from under the KPD.

The shelter today is nothing like the shelter from just one year ago. Lt. McDaniel has done an outstanding job getting things going in the right direction.

Yes, our Live Release Rate is an important part of the overall condition of our shelter.

Fixing feral cats prevents kittens and adults from being caught and turned into the shelter. The employees need to be able to work in an environment where they can win.

Ninety percent means that 90 percent of the animals that come to the shelter get out alive.

Our shelter is required to take in any animals. They do not pick and choose, but they do get full.

TNR contributes to our Live Release Rate. As a city, we need to support our city shelter and get them moved to Community Services.

We also need volunteers at the shelter and we need people to adopt or foster an animal.

George Fox


Assisi Animal Refuge


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