To the Editor:

I am a Navy veteran. I served on the USS Nimitz from 1980 to 1983. But I do not have my name on a stupid stone monument.

No one even knows my name. No one really cares, for that matter.

Just like the Air Force veteran who was buried in Killeen last week. No one really knew him. The media said that he did not have any friends or family.

They say that when the word got out that no one was going to be at this man’s funeral, over a thousand people showed up so that they could feel better about themselves and break their own arms patting themselves on the back for showing up at a veteran’s funeral.

Where were all of these people when the man was still alive and living a lonely life?

Speaking for myself and millions of military veterans, we do not want to be remembered after we have died and have been buried. We want to be acknowledged while we are still alive.

We should at the very least, get front-of-the-line privileges. We do not want stone monuments with our name on them.We want health benefits.

When have you ever offered to pay for a veteran’s meal? Or offered to pay for a veteran to stay in a motel instead of staying on the street? When was the last time you offered to pay a veteran’s utility bills for him or her?

So you think the government is supposed to do all of these things? Well, you are the people who make up the government.

Boyd B. McNiel

Pea Ridge, Arkansas

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