To the Editor:

The Maj. Nidal Hasan “one man band” spectacle continues to march at Fort Hood.

Now this murderer is going to be allowed to defend himself using “the defense of others” argument. What does that mean? Let’s say I shot and killed a guy who was going to kill my neighbor’s family. Then that defense would apply.

So, this guy will try and argue that he killed all those soldiers because they were going to Afghanistan to potentially kill his fellow Muslims. This defense, on its face, says he is going to try and turn this trial into some sort of political/religious show. I am surprised that this current judge is even entertaining this idea.

This has been going on for almost four years now and the Army continues to look more foolish every day. Meanwhile the folks that were wounded by him and the families of those who were killed continue to suffer with no justice.

retired Col. M. L. Handy

Harker Heights

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Oh and if he is defending the Taliban he should be ever there with them, not in the army of the United States!


I believe they should cross all their t's and dot all the i's, but, it has been almost four years and they are granting him his every wish. In a regular court trial the judge would rule and it would be final as long as it was fair and just. We have bent over backwards to be fair to this murderer. How is it unfair to call this man a murderer? Don't tell me we are going to accept his defense that he was defending the Taliban while in our army and we are fighting them. To me that is treason.


Until such time as the accused is convicted of murder by competent authority in a duly constituted court, and the conviction has been reviewed by regulatory authority and the findings approved, the accused is "the accused". "We" are not required to accept any defense statements, and no defense at trial has been made as the trial has not yet started. Until such time as the accused makes such a statement at trial, no charge for "treason" can be made, as I understand the law. Difficult as these facts are, we must be very careful to ensure that we follow the rules to ensure a conviction which will stand the judicial reviews which will result.


Unfortunately, the Bible is not the guiding document in these matters. Army Regulation 600-20 and Army Regulation 670-1 are the guiding documents in this matter, assisted by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In keeping with these, and the oath the accused swore when he was commissioned, the accused is an officer on active duty in the armed forces by law, and is therefore obliged to meet appearance guidelines. Accordingly, he is not authorized to grow a beard, and it should have been forcibly removed. The judge should have had this accomplished in chambers.


Hogwash! The first melon-head judge was worried about his beard like a moron. Hasan has no respect for human life and melon-head was worried about shaving Hasan's beard. There is no difference between a dead man with a beard and a dead man without a beard. That bone-headed gross judge blew that opportunity - by being focused on his friggn beard. there's no justice as it is already written:

Isaiah 59:11 NLT
We growl like hungry bears; we moan like mournful doves. We look for justice, but it is nowhere to be found. We look to be rescued, but it is far away from us.

Isaiah 59:14 NLT
Our courts oppose people who are righteous, and justice is nowhere to be found. Truth falls dead in the streets, and fairness has been outlawed.

Isaiah 5:23 NLT
They take bribes to pervert justice. They let the wicked go free while punishing the innocent.

Isaiah 1:17 NLT
Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.


This is a very complicated case requiring very careful preparation. As I understand military law, the government is going to have to prove, beyond every reasonable doubt, that the accused, and only the accused, committed the offenses charged, and must then prove every element of every charge for every count for which he is charged. This is an enormous undertaking, simply based upon the forensics involved in preparing for such a trial. Far from looking foolish, the Army and the well-informed have demonstrated a thoroughness and emotional patience many seem to lack, in order to ensure that no errors are made in this trial which would possibly result in a mistrial or reduction in the sentence of the accused, should he be convicted. THAT would TRULY be an injustice to all the victims, as such errors would be the result of excessive zeal and ignorance of established procedure. Accosrdingly, identifying the accused as a "murderer" is at best, inappropriate. We are a nation of laws and we have a republic derived on the principles of freedom and justice. It's time to live by these principles and endure the hardship associated with ensuring that the accused is tried fairly, and, upon conviction, that any sentence is applied with alacrity and vigor, and not subjected to amendment for easily avoided procedural legal errors.


Hasan must have friends in high places. They are the ones who are making a farce of the Hasan Trial,the entire judicial system and the people of the country.
Hasan may not know whose involved, but, he is being allowed to laugh in the face of true justice for those he murdered or injured.

Some members of our military forces were allowed to be murdered right in their own back yard so to say, they were innocent victims,.
They had no reason to fear the person who walked in among them, he was one of 'them' ,.until he begin killing them. A simple case of cold blooded murder.

It would take a cold blooded liberal thinker,to not to want this man to receive the same punishment, he gave to members of our military just because 'he thought' they were going to harm his friends and fellow terrorist to a lot of the world,the Taliban.

No further proof is needed, the culprit has told the world why he killed all the people at Ft Hood, Tx. He's proud of it.
Why should more tax money be spent on keeping him alive, he serves no further purpose, he's shown what he is, a Taliban sympathizer and a Turncoat.


This is a freak show. Now I guess it depends on what religion you are how you get tried. What is wrong with us? What have we become? It is an open and shut case, while in the Army of the United States he murdered his fellow soldiers. End of discussion. And he is getting a fair trial by his peers, by citizens of the United States of people that he murdered.

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